BioRepublic Illuminating Fiber Mask: A Review

Winter can be such a harsh time. It’s dark. It’s cold. Things can get so bad that you are starting to forget what the words “sunshine” and “warm” mean. And don’t even get me started on the war winter can rage on our skin. Now that we are stepping into spring and starting to thaw out, you may notice that your face is chapped, dull and screaming for water like it’s been lost in the Mojave Desert for the last few months. The best solution I know for thirsty skin is a good old fashioned sheet mask, but with so many options out there, how can you know which ones work? Well, today I have a review about an effective option that will deliver results so good you’ll think it’s a mirage.

When it comes to skin type, I have been blessed with skin that truly can’t make up its mind. One day it may be combination skin, only to be bone dry twenty-four hours later. Let’s just say that my skin is a wee bit “temperamental”. Recently, I have been a little on the dry side, which has left my skin looking far less lively than I’m accustomed to. In my case, “far less lively” translates to “lifeless, drab, and most un-fab”. Sigh.

No need to fret though. I was lucky enough to find a sheet mask hiding out in my beauty cabinet that I had been saving for just such an occasion. Of course, I had never tried it out before. Though I absolutely love masks and use them regularly, I tend to use clay masks. I’ve only ever tried a sheet mask once before. The result? I loved it! The mask I recently found was a different brand than I’d originally tried, but I figured this was a great opportunity to bring you a new product review and hopefully inject renewed life into my lackluster face.



The Deets

Drum roll please: Introducing the Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Fiber Mask by BioRepublic Cosmetics! Inspired by the oh-so-popular Korean fiber masks, BioRepublic’s sheet masks are supposed to soak your skin in Vitamin E, green tea extract and pomegranate extract to deliver a fresh face that is supple, hydrated and rejuvenated. The product is dermatologist tested to ensure its suitability for all skin-types (Including my fellow sensitive skin folks out there!), and it is 100% cruelty free (Yay for the bunnies of the world!). Did someone say biodegradable? Indeed! The mask itself is made of biodegradable natural fibers, which will treat our Earth kindly once you throw it away.

Unlike many Korean sheet masks, this particular mask is free of a few nasty chemicals and substances that we really shouldn’t introduce to our faces if we can help it: There are no Parabens, Pthalates, Sulfates and Triclosan.

One mask retails for about $5 USD on BioRepublic’s website, while a multipack of 10 masks will run you $45.

Is your skin begging you for some of this sheet mask goodness? You can find this particular “flavor” along with BioRepublic’s other formulations on their website.

How’d It Go?

First and foremost, I made sure to gently cleanse my face. You definitely want naked and clean skin prior to doing any kind of mask. It was also late in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to have to wash my face again after doing the mask. I was pretty excited to have my second experience with sheet masks, so I ripped the package open with a quickness. Truth be told, I may have opened it a little bit too enthusiastically because I nearly ripped the mask right along with it! Make sure if you try this out that you are careful opening it—the mask takes up a majority of the package and slightly overlaps the opening space. Once I got the mask (safely) out of its packet, I took notice of how saturated it was with serum. As soaked as it was, it wasn’t dripping down my arm like the first mask I’d tried, which was a huge plus.

Next came the funny part. It is moments like this that I wish I was a Youtuber because I could have made the most hilarious review video. I had the hardest time getting the mask unfolded! Perhaps I had gone into it too confidently, but I simply went by what the back of the package said. Between claims of it being “easy to use” and having “3 simple steps”, I was starting to feel extremely sheepish. I couldn’t even get past the first step.


Normally, I’m a pretty well coordinated individual, so I have no idea what my problem was this particular day. I don’t blame the company at all though. The mask is simply such  a soft texture and full of product that it kept wanting to stick to itself. After a miniature battle with the mask (about five minutes, haha) I managed to slap it on. By then, its cool and refreshing nature was welcomed by my then warm face. I guess the struggle took more out of me than I’d realized! The mask conformed to my face shape really quickly and snugly thanks to all the well placed notches in it. It was super easy to position and the size was gratuitous. I think it will fit most face sizes and shapes pretty well, as it more than adequately covered the entirety of my face.

Once I had the mask exactly where I wanted it, I decided to spend the recommended 15-20 minutes working on the computer and listening to an adrenaline-surging dance mix. I set my timer for 20 minutes and went to work. As I sat with the mask hugging my face, I noticed that once the initial cooling sensation wore off, my skin started to feel warm and tingly. It was an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience. Apparently, I didn’t want it to end because even once my timer went off I ignored it and went on wearing the mask for an extra 15 minutes! I have no idea what reminded me of the mask being on my face, but I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about it. I guess that is testament of just how comfortable it is. Even once I remembered it I didn’t want to take it off—But I did. Sadly. I patted the remaining moisture into my face (there was quite a bit) and allowed my face to air dry. Done and done.


Does It Work?

YES. This mask was surprisingly good. It far exceeded my expectations for it. Once the  moisture finally absorbed into my skin I went in for the touch test. It was a bit tacky due to there having been so much product left behind on the skin, but that was simply a function of the skin being so saturated. This being said, I would recommend that you use this mask at night when you have no intentions of trying to put on makeup or anything that might remove the nutrients from your face prematurely. Initially, my face looked very moisturized and dewy. It was as though I had slathered handfuls of lotion all over my face and marinated in it overnight, which was a very welcomed change from my previously moisture-starved skin. One unexpected bonus was that the mask also tamed down the slight puffiness in my face, making me look more alert.

The next morning yielded even more positives. Once I had adequately woken up and washed my face, my skin was baby soft to the touch. And the glow I had! YASSS. I’m someone who loves to highlight when doing makeup (my highlight even has highlight), so anytime I can glow like a bright beacon into the depths of space without highlighter, it’s a beautiful thing. As I sit writing this review, it has been about five days since I did the mask and I still haven’t needed to moisturize my face! This is quite impressive because I know if I go even two days without moisturizer I will dry up like a tumbleweed (which is how I ended up needing to try this mask in the first place).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the mask I used was technically quite old. I had received this package one month either with my ipsy or Birchbox subscription (I can’t remember which, it’s been so long now) and I haven’t had either subscription for at least a year now. That being said, the mask stayed perfectly moist for a year without drying out the least bit. Sure, I kept it stored in a cool and dark place the entire time, but I’m sure if you were to do the same you’d be able to maintain a pack for a good while as well. This is a really cool aspect because even my beloved clay masks tend to dry up after a few months. If there’s anything I love in a beauty product, it’s a long shelf life.


Final Verdict

Hands down, I would (and will) buy this product again. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the scent. The smell of the mask wasn’t particularly offensive, but I do wish it had smelled of pomegranate or another pleasant substance. However, this is a very trivial matter in comparison to the overall effectiveness of the product.

I would recommend this sheet mask to anyone who wants a more moisturized, youthful looking face. This would be great for dull or aging skin because it really helps you to reclaim an appearance of vitality. I think it’s a pretty good option for anyone who is on a budget as well, especially since the effects of the mask work for several days. Despite their recommendation of using a mask 2-3 times a week for best results, I think you could get away with using these once a week or even once bi-weekly.  Or, you can be like me and use it as an emergency treatment when your normal moisturizer simply won’t cut it. Its packaging is light and slim as well, so this would be a great way to have a quick spa moment while traveling.

If you try this product or any of BioRepublic’s other sheet masks, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, feel free to recommend any other sheet masks you’d like to see me do a review on—just drop me a line down below. Stay tuned for other adventures with masks! -XO


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