Calily Life Tea Tree Foot Soak: A Review

In my worldthe terms “relief for sore, tired feet” and “salt water baths” go hand in hand. I have been using sea salt and epsom salt in my bathwater for years. Not only is salt one of the most successful natural methods of alleviating aches and pains throughout the body, but it is also quite inexpensive. What’s more, the type of salt you choose can significantly impact your health for the better. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love a multi-purpose, multi-benefit product.

For both cooking and body treatments, sea salt is the salt I reach for most. When therapeutic usage is concerned, sea salt is an excellent source of natural elements such as calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc and iron—all of which are beneficial for the maintenance of our health. For instance, magnesium aids the formation of our bones. It can be used to treat a wide range of ailments from fibromyalgia to night cramps. Sea salt is widely used in commercial bath salt products due to benefits such as these. Anytime we apply sea salt compresses to our body or take a nice relaxing bath in sea salt water we are allowing these essential minerals to be absorbed through the skin.

The Dead Sea is a very popular source of salt when it comes to the production of bath salts due to the rich abundance of salt and minerals found there. Salt from the Dead Sea contains 21 valuable minerals, including bromide and sulfur [1]. The majority of these minerals have pretty impressive health and beauty benefits. Soaking in salt from the Dead Sea has been found to help alleviate several types of arthritis, calm acne and psoriasis, soothe allergic reactions and drastically decrease the depth of wrinkles [2]. Pain relieving and beautifying? Sign me up!


Prior to coming across today’s review product, I’d been low-key complaining about my feet off and on for about two weeks. For some reason, they’d been feeling really sore, agitated and “blah”. I’m going to blame my beat up Nikes (I really need a new pair). Though I would normally soak my feet in epsom salt and water, I was fresh out of epsom salt. Like the procrastinator I am (I truly put the pro in procrastinate), I kept putting off doing anything about my hurting feet and they continued to get worse. I hadn’t even been shopping for anything foot related, but when I saw the Tea Tree Foot Soak by Calily Life it was like a major hint from the Universe that I desperately needed to tend to the problem. Finally.

The Deets

Calily Life’s Tea Tree Foot Soak is a cruelty-free bath salt designed specifically for the use of feet. With a very simple list of ingredients, it is comprised of only three things: Dead Sea Minerals (Salt), therapeutic grade organic tea tree leaf oil and fragrance. I’m unsure if the essential extracts used for the fragrance are organic like the tea tree leaf oil, but the smell of this product more than makes up for it if they aren’t. According to the label, a 20-25 minute soak in some water sprinkled with 3 tablespoons of salt should leave your feet deodorized, cleansed and relaxed.

Though I was unsure if the product would genuinely relax my pitiful feet, I did believe there may be some credibility to the promises of cleansing and deodorizing. Tea tree oil is actually a well known and effective essential oil. Ever an overachiever, tea tree oil is anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Its antibacterial properties can help kill any odor-causing bacteria on your feet, which is a plus for anyone with that issue (or those around them). Also, tea tree oil’s anti-fungal properties make it a great ingredient to add to a foot soak, as it could clear up issues such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

Want to get your hands (and feet) on this product to try it out yourself? No prob! I got my jar here 

How’d It Go?

This was a pretty quick and straightforward process. The directions say you can soak your feet in a formal footbath or in the tub (make sure to only put your feet in though). Personally, I ended up using neither. A traditional footbath can run you around $20 for a basic, foot-shaped plastic container, or upwards towards $50 for a fancier bubble-producing model. Me, myself and I is fairly frugal and basic when it comes to foot-soaking accessories, but not $20 basic. I went to Dollar Tree awhile ago and purchased two dish pans for the purpose of soaking my feet. Unsure of whether or not my feet would fit properly, I purchased one for each foot, but ended up nesting them inside of each other since they were sort of flimsy on their own. Both of my feet fit together and all for two bucks and some change!

After grabbing my handy dandy dish pans, I opened the jar of foot soak. My mind was completely blown at how gorgeous the smell is of this stuff. I have no idea what the exact scent is, but I love it. It’s pretty unisex (bordering more on the lines of a masculine musk), so it’s a great product for my gents out there. I didn’t measure out the product precisely, unless the palm of my hand is a tablespoon. Spoiler alert: It’s not. It’s all good though. Even after three small handfuls of the salt there was plenty left in the jar for at least four more goes. With the salt in the dish pan, I added hot water from my tub, being sure to swirl the salt around periodically. Once I was topped up I sat down in my favorite chair, plopped my feet into the water and spent the next 25 minutes soaking away.

Throughout the 25 minutes I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary (no weird sensations), but I was quite relaxed as my feet soaked. The scent of the salts filled the air, adding to the experience.  It honestly felt as though the pain in my feet was gradually subsiding the longer I soaked them, which was a great sign. By the time the timer was up, I was disappointed to take my feet out of the water, but I really wanted to observe their condition and see how they felt.

Does It Work?

The first thing I noticed when I took my feet from the water and started towel drying them was how downright refreshed and clean they felt. I honestly hadn’t thought I’d care too much about the salts making my feet feel cleaner, but I enjoyed that particular perk quite a bit. In addition to my feet smelling great (don’t ask how I know this), they felt like brand new. All the aches were completely gone!

As for moisture, I do think a lotion was still necessary even though my feet were far less dry looking after soaking. Although, it has been ions since my last pedicure and I had been purposely neglecting my feet to fully observe the effects of this foot soak. That being said, my skin was pretty soft despite all of the rough, dry skin I’d started with.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am pretty happy with this product. The packaging is cute (something I always appreciate) and you can get quite a few uses out of the salts (approx. 4-5 goes if you’re a bit “extra” like me or approx. 7-8 times if you’re conservative). At a little under $13, I think the price is rather reasonable. The smell is absolutely heavenly and the product delivers exactly what it promises to—clean, refreshed and relaxed feet. What more could a girl ask for? Twenty four hours after soaking my feet they still felt invigorated, soft and free of soreness. Score.

This is a great product to pick up for anyone who experiences hot, tired or sore feet. I think it’d be really helpful for anyone who stands a majority of their day (Work in retail?) or spends a lot of time walking or running (I see you, athletes and gym rats). If you spent the night rocking those 6-inch Louboutins and you’re now regretting it, this is also the stuff for you. Anyone who has arthritis in their feet would also benefit greatly from this product. Or maybe you just want to chill out at home and have a spa day. That is as good a reason as any to pamper your feet and get yourself back in working order.

If you happen to try this product out, let me know what your thoughts are and how it worked for you. And if you want to see a review on a similar product, let me know down below! -XO



2 thoughts on “Calily Life Tea Tree Foot Soak: A Review

  1. Thanks! I’m so excited to try this. Ive been hearing amazing things about tea tree oil and now I feel like I HAVE to try this!


    1. That’s great to hear! This is a product that I absolutely love—even still. It always does the trick for me. If you try it and love it, let me know! 🙂


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