Chanel Le Lift Serum: A Review

Rich Girl Realness  is what I’m serving all of you today. When it comes to luxury goods, I am all about Chanel. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I was named after its founder. You know…Nell = Chanel. Get it? Anyhoo, even if my name was Amanda, Kylie or Grace, I would be a tremendous fan of the brand and their products. The only thing about me that isn’t so thrilled about Chanel is my bank account. In that regard, the struggle is real. That’s why I was so happy to come across a sample of Le Lift Serum by Chanel. Thanks, Macy’s!

Speaking of being budget-conscious, samples (especially of high-end products) are an excellent way to help you determine the right product for you without breaking the bank. This is doubly relevant when thinking of splurging on luxury skincare because many brands’ highly researched skincare lines can run you anywhere from $100-400 per item. And since varying retailers have different return policies, you might want to make sure that jar of “miracle” cream won’t have you breaking out in spots before parting with the last chunk of your paycheck—or in some cases (and you know who you are), your portion of the rent money. Besides, not all that glitters is gold. We all know that irrespective of the price tag, there are amazing products and downright shameful products on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve purchased some super inexpensive items that have blown their high-end equivalents out of the water, so it’s never a bad idea to test drive a product when you can.

All the same, I’ve got to say that Chanel is a pretty consistent brand. I’ve purchased a variety of their fragrance and makeup items over the years, and I have regretted none of those purchases. However, when it comes to their skincare offerings, it was a brand new frontier for me. That’s a major reason why I simply had to try this serum out and let you guys know my thoughts on it.

The Deets

Chanel’s Le Lift Serum is formulated to bless your face and neck with a 12-hour lift. It’s supposed to smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines all while toning the skin. In addition to the serum, Chanel carries a number of other products in the Le Lift line, including eye creams, eye concentrates, massage masks and anti-wrinkle creams of varying thicknesses. Though all of the products are designed to be used together as part of an anti-aging skincare regimen, the serum is specifically meant to help your skin better absorb anything else you apply to your face after it.

Now let’s talk about the price. Are you sitting down? Well, if you’re standing, sit down. If you’re sitting, lie down. We may need to brace ourselves (and our wallets) for impact. A 1 fl. oz bottle of this serum goes for $175, while a 1.7 fl. oz bottle sells for $240. I know, I know. I can hear some of you already. How could I bother doing a review on something that might actually cost more than some people’s monthly car payments? I totally get it, but hear me out. When you are young, carefree and perfect skinned, products like this are largely unnecessary. However, when you start reaching a certain age and see that you are starting to find lines and wrinkles popping up in places you didn’t even know you had, you might buy anything that will help you combat them.

Also, let’s consider the fact that Chanel skincare products aren’t your little sister’s skincare items. The formula used in Le Lift was researched by Chanel scientists for twelve years—It’s possible that some of my readers (or their sisters) aren’t much older than that! All of these years of research led them to the main active ingredient of the formula: 3,5-DA. 3,5-DA is an extract derived from the edulis morning glory plant (think pretty little flower), which increases the production of essential youth proteins in the skin. From this, Chanel was able to produce a highly potent compound, creating a formula that actually influences the molecular activity of your skin. The bottom line? This product should help you regain the flawless, enviable skin of an infant. Isn’t that worth at least $175?  Yeah, I wasn’t so sure either, but I was more than willing to find out. You know, for science.

Want to channel your inner rich girl? Does your skin need a lift? You can purchase your own bottle of Le Lift Serum here.

How’d It Go?

Bit of a disclaimer: I have great genes and actually don’t have any wrinkles—yet. No, seriously. The women in my family must have anti-wrinkle technology built into their skin. However, don’t let the fact that I look several years younger than I actually am fool you. Though I don’t have any legitimate wrinkles, I can still see how my face has changed since my younger days. I have very minimal smile lines that used to not be there, as well as a slight decline in overall firmness. I would say that while my skin is actually pretty supple for having survived three decades of abuse, it has lost some of its former tightness. That being said, I am already hunting for the perfect anti-aging product for me. Might it be Chanel’s Le Lift Serum? Let’s find out!

On the morning that I decided to give this serum a try I had to run some errands, so I figured I would be trying it on under makeup. This being said, I sat down at my makeup table and prepared to go through my normal routine. I didn’t want to “contaminate” my results with the serum, so I decided to skip my typical moisturizer. When I poured the serum onto my fingers I was slightly surprised. I’m not sure why, but I always expect serums to be clear. This was actually a nice pure white—definitely not clear. Swirling it around between my fingertips, it had a really nice consistency. It wasn’t too thin or too thick; it was just right. Of course, it smelled heavenly. Most of Chanel’s beauty products are perfumed and smell great though, so this was just continuing the trend I’m used to seeing from them. I don’t know what it is, but their scents always make me feel like I got my money’s worth (haha).

The product went on smooth as butter as I applied it to my cheeks, chin, forehead and neck. As I worked it in, I applied a tiny bit to my eye area, paying special attention to under the eyes (where I tend to experience puffiness), as well as where crow’s feet would be—if I had them. I also focused on my smile lines since that is my most noticeable sign of aging. A little bit of the product actually went a lot further than I had expected it to. At 0.03 fl. oz, the sample was more than enough for my entire face and neck. There was even a tiny amount left when I was done. After application, I sat and allowed my skin to absorb the extra product. There was the slightest coolness and tingle that lasted about five minutes. By the time the tingle subsided, I figured my face was dry and it was time to put on my makeup.

Does It Work?

—That is, until I looked up from my makeup drawer and didn’t recognize myself. I kid you not, my face looked so snatched I nearly freaked out right there at my makeup table. I’m not sure what I had expected the serum to do, but it definitely wasn’t that. My pores were drastically smaller and what few fine lines there were had virtually vanished. After about fifteen minutes my face looked even better. The puffiness underneath my eyes was    greatly reduced, which made me look wide awake. My skin looked like it was completely defying gravity, there was such a noticeable lift to the entire face. The lifting effect really helped accentuate my bone structure, giving me contour results without contour. It looked like I had gotten Botox. Don’t even get me started on the softness of my skin. I was obsessed.

Things were looking so good I couldn’t bare to cover it up with a full face of makeup (even though I would have loved to see those results as well). Instead, I opted for a little concealer, which blended like an absolute dream. If I were to do the same thing with my normal moisturizer, there would be a considerable fight to get the concealer to blend as well as I’d accomplished using using the serum as a base. Normally, if I were to only spot-conceal, I would have to cover it with foundation since the blending is so uneven. This was not the case when I was wearing the serum. My skin ate the concealer after just a few pats of my beauty blender, leaving my face looking makeup free and flawless. By the time I’d added some blush and highlighter (for dramatics), I was totally feeling myself. It was an amazing experience that lasted the remainder of the day.

Final Verdict 

Yes. Yes. And also, yes. This serum is everything. I went into a brief state of shock when I saw the price of it, but you know what? People do some mighty strange and costly things in the name of beauty. I just may have to temporarily lose my mind and pick up a bottle for myself because I would love to relive the experience I went through for the rest of my natural born days. In fact, bury me with a bottle. Words cannot express how beautiful my skin looked and felt after using this product. Just based on the serum alone, I am sure the remaining items in the Le Lift lineup are equally amazing.

I’m not even going to lie. There was some skepticism about seeing results going into this. Some luxury brands have pretty packaging, alluring scents, but basic products. I’m not the kind of girl who buys something just to say I spent $100 on it, nor am I the type to buy it strictly because its an expensive brand. Whatever it is, it’s got to work. Period. I also figured that without any wrinkles, I might not see a change that would justify the price tag. However, I was pretty blown away by the general manner in which my skin’s appearance was improved. I actually went up to my mom (without telling her I’d done anything to it), and she was like, “Wow! Look at that! What did you do?” I honestly don’t remember the last time anyone has behaved quite that enthusiastically towards a change in my appearance, so I’d have to say that’s a very good sign.

Chanel’s Le Lift serum is highly recommended for anyone who wants firmer, younger looking skin. This clearly works well without makeup, but if you wanted to wear foundation and the whole works, I’m pretty sure it would look even more amazing. Hands down, this would be a terrific gift for individuals of a certain age who may want to turn back the clock a bit. And of course, if you’re a beauty junkie with some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, this is one splurge I doubt you’ll want to pass up.

If you guys have tried out this or any other item in Chanel’s skincare collection, what are your thoughts? If there’s another Chanel product you’d like me to experiment with and review, you can let me know in the comment section below. -XO


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