Glossybox Unboxing: March 2017

“Woman Crush” was Glossybox’s theme for March, in observance of International Woman’s Day. Yes, I hear you over there saying, “Wait. Aren’t we in April??” We absolutely are. “Then why are you just now posting an unboxing from March?” That’s quite elementary, my dear friend. Since I renewed my subscription with Glossybox towards the end of March, I ended up receiving both March and April’s box the same weekend. Although it throws my posting off a little, there were a few things in this box that I really wanted to try out, so I’m glad they fit me in. 

In case you have never heard of Glossybox before and have no idea why you should care about the difference between a “March box” and “April box”, please allow me to fill you in. Glossybox is a lovely little beauty-focused subscription service that curates boxes full of various types of beauty products based on your individualized tastes for a monthly fee with free shipping. You might get anything from hair products and mascaras to lipsticks and perfumes.

They typically send out five beauty products each month, including full-sized products and deluxe samples. However, they sometimes add bonus items to your box (always a welcome surprise). Although a typical month to month subscription will currently run you $21 a box, signing up for the prepaid 3, 6 or 12-month plans will give you a slight discount off of each month. They also have subscription promo codes every now and again, so it’s always good to take advantage of those when you can.

Overall, this month’s box was interesting. There were some things I was extremely excited about, but there were others that left me a tad lukewarm. I always try to not judge products too prematurely though. You never know what might shock you and end up being your new favorite, so I always like to give a product a few test runs before completely ruling it out. Let’s go see what I got!



BB Tinted Primer (in Medium) – $32/each

This is the product I was most looking forward to in March’s box. Tarte is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands, but I haven’t had the chance to try any of their complexion items (concealer, primer, foundation, etc.). Believe it or not, I’ve not yet tried a BB in my proper shade. I’m not entirely sure how this will be (Medium-Tan might have been a bit better), but we shall see.

This SPF 30 primer is supposed to help correct the skin for a whopping 12 hours. You can wear it alone or underneath foundation. I will more than likely wear it under foundation if the shade ends up being too light. If I decide that I like the formula and do end up needing another shade, I’ll certainly pick up a deeper one for those days when I don’t want or need a full face of foundation.

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Catrice Cosmetics

Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette 010 – $6.99/each

I needed another eyeshadow palette like a hole in the head (which I’m pretty sure I can do without). Sometimes, I think I just like collecting palettes to admire them because I don’t use eyeshadow nearly as much as I used to. All the same, aren’t these colors just everything? This palette is a dreamy collection of romantic, blush-hued nudes, which is great both day and night. It comes with a little brush/sponge applicator duo, which is cute. As you can tell from at least one photo, I couldn’t wait to test the formula and pigmentation. Just based on the little bit I tested, the texture is rather velvety, which I like. We shall have to see how I end up liking this as time goes on.

If you’re liking this product and want your own to try out, there is currently a promo code to get 25% off at Catrice Cosmetics. Good through April 30, 2017, just use the code: GLOSSY25



Brow Lift Perfecting Liner – $20/each

Here’s a double-ended brow liner pencil for all my brow queens out there. One end is brow color, while the other is a lighter shade to highlight and help clean up those lines. This company donates 100% of the profits on this liner to a charity called Look Good Feel Better, which helps support women who are battling cancer. I always like a product with a cause, so this is definitely cool. Even though I like the brow routine I have going right now, I am always interested in trying something new. I do wish it was a self-advancing liner, but as long as I like the product, I’m happy. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out (especially the highlighter).



Nail Polish Applique (in Masterpiece) – $8/set

I love, love, love nail polish strips! They are so easy to put on and great to travel with. I usually buy a different kind from Sephora, but I don’t know that I could ever have too many different types of these things. Incoco has over 200 different designs on their website, so there is a color or pattern for literally anyone. I actually liked the marble pattern on the ones I got—very cute for spring. These fun little things contain base, polish and top coat all in one convenient strip, so it’s a fast and easy way to get decorative nails right at home. I cannot wait to try out this brand and see if they really do last up to two weeks.


Être Belle Cosmetics

Golden Skin Roll-On Caviar Eye Gel – $45/each

This was a funny pick for me because I actually already have a tube of this from when I last had a Glossybox subscription. I recently did an in-depth review on it, which you can read here.

This eye gel is formulated to help you look well rested and refreshed no matter how little sleep you got the night before. It smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin around the eyes, making you look like you’re ready to conquer the world. I’ll definitely take another tube of this because I actually really like the product. It beats paying $45, that’s for sure!



Anti-Aging Cleanser & Anti-Aging Toner – $10/10 each

This cleansing lotion contains lactic acid to help exfoliate the skin, while the oat proteins and Vitamins E and B5 provide the skin with soothing moisture. Ah…is that where they got their name from? eB5 = Vitamins E and B5. Clever. It is also soap-free, which may appeal to anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin. I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but I’m interested in seeing how it works.

The anti-aging toner contains Vitamin E, glycerin and cucumber to help deliver nutrients to your skin and remove lingering traces of pesky makeup and oils. I haven’t used a toner in years, but a good one never hurts. Toners can be extremely helpful for people with oily or acne prone skin, as they can help unclog your pores. It is also good to use a toner if you want to help your skin better absorb other skincare items such as moisturizers. I’m very curious to see how I end up liking this product.

Want to experience Glossybox for yourself? Head over here for subscription info!

And that concludes the Glossybox unboxing for March. If you’re interested in seeing the fun things I got in April’s box, then mosey on over hereBut in the meantime, what do you guys think? Are you loving any of March’s products? Are there some things that you could totally pass on? If so, let me know in the comment box below! -XO


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