DSW Haul: April 2017 (Part 1)

Shoe shopping is my least favorite kind of shopping to do at an actual brick and mortar store. I actually dislike having to try things on before purchasing. My kind of shopping is the type where I can just pick up my desired size or shade and get on with life. Normally, I make 99.9% of my fashion and beauty purchases online. I typically have a pretty good knack for selecting the perfect item based on photos and measurements alone. Yet, for some reason, I am a complete dunce when picking anything out in-store.

All the same, I’ve been thinking that I should get out a bit more. There are still some local malls that I’ve never stepped foot in, and I’ve lived here for four years. Dang, girl. Hermit much? Truthfully? Yes, but I’m working on it! I thought a good place to start “working on things” would be a shoe store. I headed over to DSW due to their large selection. If I couldn’t find what I was looking for there, perhaps it didn’t exist.

First things first, I made a beeline for the clearance racks in the back (along with everyone else, apparently). When it comes to shopping, I love nothing more than scouring sale/clearance sections. I’m not a particularly “cheap” person, so I don’t do it strictly to save money. It’s actually a game to me. How low can I get it? What unexpected deals can I find? If I can’t leave the store feeling as though I’ve just swindled a retailer out of millions, I’d rather buy nothing at all. It’s weird, but I love it.

Naturally, my eyes automatically scanned the boxes in search of the coveted 50-70% off stickers. I tried on so many shoes, but they were either too big, not what I imagined, or something I liked, but would hardly ever wear. Though I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, I knew I wanted an everyday, basic black shoe. Not a black high heel. Not a black boot. Not a black sandal. I needed a basic black shoe.

Marc Fisher ‘Kathie’ (in Black)

And do you know what I ended up with? A pair of black wingtip oxfords. There is hardly anything basic or understated about a wingtip oxford. Sure, it’s not fit for a ballgown, but it’s not a pair of ballerina flats either.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These Marc Fisher ‘Kathie’ oxfords were sitting in their box, screaming my name.

“Chanel…come try us on. Aren’t we just what you need?”

“Uh, no. I’m looking for plain, boring black shoes, which you kind of aren’t. Sorry.”

“But look at us! We’re so pretty and shiny. Wouldn’t we be just perfect for London?”

“Hmm. You are quite English. You’d be kinda cute with some cuffed ankle pants.”

“Yes, yes! That’s it! Come try us on—you’ll like us. Come closer. Closer…”

I came closer alright. I’m sure I was doing the whole anime character thing with hearts for eyes and sparkles all around my head. Everything was moving in slow-mo and the rom-com soundtrack started playing. I’d found them! I’d really found my perfect black shoes!

Then the needle was yanked off the record.

“What?! Eighty bucks? Only 30% off?”


“Scam artist.”


Okay, in this instance I was being cheap, but you need to understand my position. I don’t dig around the clearance section so I can pay $80. I could just yank something off of the regularly priced shelves, if that was the case. I wanted to hunt for a really good discount so I was expecting to find something…not $80. Anyhow, I ended up trying them on, loving them and taking them along with me. Though they aren’t uber casual like an athletic shoe, they are my version of casual, which isn’t all that casual by most people’s standards.

These shoes have the classic wingtip detailing and thin laces. I probably could have gone a half size down (at least) due to them being rather long through the toe box, but they are extremely comfortable nonetheless. They are very slimming through the foot as well, which I can appreciate. These are most likely not the best choice for someone with wide feet though, simply due to having a relatively narrow fit.

I love that these oxfords have a slight shine, yet aren’t patent. The main con is that they aren’t leather (boo), but the main pro is that they’ll go with so many different things. Though the tailored menswear trend is not as prevalent as it was, a good oxford is forever.

The ‘Kathie’ style is apparently phasing out in stores, but Marc Fisher’s ‘Katie’ is pretty much a dead ringer for it. The ‘Katie’ is simply a restyling of the ‘Kathie’, with a metal appliqué along the back of the heel. The ‘Katie’ also comes in suede options, which are super cute.

Something else I’ve been wanting lately is a pair of those obnoxiously prevalent furry slider sandals. I know and I’m sorry, but I’ve been seeing the things everywhere. I honestly don’t allow trends to dictate my day to day purchasing habits, but this particular style captured my heart and refused to let go.

This obsession all started with Rihanna’s Fenty slide. I love RiRi anyway, but when she did the collab with Puma I was all about it—until it was sold out everywhere I looked. I even checked with some UK retailers, but I had zero luck securing a pair of my own. I guess everyone else was as disappointed in their disappearance as I was because knock offs started popping up left and right.

Even though I’ve seen plenty of inexpensive and sometimes exorbitant alternatives (check out Givenchy’s mink slide sandal) floating around the Internet, this is a shoe style I needed to actually see on my foot before purchasing. After all, a shoe like that might make them look huge—they aren’t exactly a thin shoe, you know?

Well, I looked high and low for a pair while at DSW. I didn’t care what color it was or who made it. I simply wanted to see what all the hype was about once and for all. Of course, I’d worn my cute, but mildly uncomfortable heeled boots that day and had already been tramping around in them for hours. My feet were killing me! Despite wanting to abandon the boots and simply leave the store in my socks, I persisted up and down the long aisles in search for some furry sliders. Nothing!

I refused to believe that they didn’t carry any, but I simply wasn’t seeing them anywhere I looked. How was it possible to see them umpteen times a day online, but find none of them in a shoe store? Here I was putting myself through absolute agony just to find a shoe I probably wouldn’t like! Just as I was getting ready to give up and had only one row left to look down, I saw some. I yanked my boots off so fast! Sure, I wanted to try the sliders on, but I also wanted those hellish boots off. Slipping my feet into those sandals was heavenly!

Steve Madden ‘Softey’ (in Black)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These Steve Madden ‘Softey’ slider sandals are so comfortable. The bottom of the sandal just molds to your feet. These weren’t found in the clearance section, so the $39 was slightly more than I would have had to pay for some cheaper ones online. However, I don’t regret the purchase at all! They seem pretty well made, the “fur” is silky soft and they don’t make my feet look gigantic. Whew!

I will say that the fit through the foot is rather snug (but not necessarily tight), and I have a fairly thin foot. They don’t carry half sizes in this particular style, but I’m not sure that sizing up would solve the issue as they already run true to size. I think the opening is simply intended to be well fitted.

Though the store I visited only carried these in black, you can find a number of different colors online. I think the blue would be an absolutely gorgeous pick for spring/summer.

Overall, these are some really cute, casual slip ons. The faux fur gives them that extra bit of sassiness that traditional soccer sliders are usually missing. These are perfect for anyone who typically shies away from athletic wear, but would like to experiment with a sporty-glam style. Personally, I think these will be great to hit the airport in or just throw on to run some errands. I haven’t had a chance to wear them out just yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be reaching for these often this summer. -XO



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