April 2017 Glossybox Mystery Shampoo: Unveiled!

Finally! It’s the moment some of you have been waiting for. I know I’ve been waiting for this unveiling for several weeks now. In case you missed it, I did an April Glossybox unboxing in which a mystery shampoo and conditioner were included. As you can read, I was extremely hesitant to try out a completely unknown product on my hair. However, I was in the mood to take a risk and slather the stuff all over my head without knowing anything about the brand or formula. Glossybox then made subscribers wait until the end of April to find out exactly what we’d been playing guinea pigs with.

Glossybox got a little help from Sofía Vergara (whom I adore) to unveil the mystery duo on Instagram. If you know anything at all about Sofía being the spokeswoman for a certain shampoo brand then seeing her face in their video may have been a huge giveaway. But for anyone who hasn’t found out what the shampoo and conditioner is already, I’m here to solve the mystery.

Just as I suspected, the mystery duo was none other than:

Head and Shoulders Smooth & Silky

Okay, so I wouldn’t have known the exact formula, but if you look back at the unboxing I did guess Head and Shoulders. Not bad, ey? I actually never knew that Head and Shoulders has so many different formulas; it’s crazy.

Apparently, the samples they gave us were Head and Shoulders’ new 3Action formula for their Smooth and Silky line. According to them, the three actions include: cleansing, protecting and moisturizing. It’s supposed to help beat dry, frizzy hair into submission, leaving you with nourished and silky tresses. Safe for chemically treated or colored hair, this formula still provides you with the typical anti-dandruff benefits that Head and Shoulders is known for. This particular formula is available in the shampoo, conditioner and 2-in-1 versions.

Their price is also really affordable. You can get a 23.7 oz bottle of the shampoo or conditioner for around $8.99.

I’ve really got to give it to Head and Shoulders. I am so impressed. A lot of subscribers were really surprised with their results. So many people have said that they were going to switch from their normal shampoos/conditioners, and I’m definitely one of those people. For me, it did everything it claims to do and more.

As I previously mentioned, I recently bleached a good portion of my hair, which made my head very unhappy. It became uncommonly dry, frizzy and downright unmanageable—I had started to feel like I had invited a tumbleweed to chill out on my head. No matter what I did, my hair remained chronically pissed off and it looked it. Keep in mind, I’ve been using two different shampoos and one conditioner for the last two years. Just one of my shampoos runs you $18 (pre-tax) for a measly 8.5 oz bottle. This routine worked absolutely great until I lost my mind and thought playing with hair bleach was an intelligent idea. To know that I can replace all of these products for a fraction of the price and regain silky smooth hair totally makes my year, ya’ll.

Since writing my initial impression of the shampoo and conditioner, I was fortunate enough to stretch the samples for two more washes. The results were consistent each and every time, so I was thrilled to know it wasn’t just a one hit wonder. I almost feel as though my hair became better and better behaved each time I used it. It smells really nice, which is a huge accomplishment for an anti-dandruff product. The detangling power was truly astonishing to me because my hair can tangle itself up so badly sometimes. I often wonder if my hair is actually some sort of ivy vine that’s incognito, the way it twists itself into knots for no reason. But with this shampoo and conditioner my hair practically melted into place like a perfect angel. It also flat ironed like a dream, which is sometimes hard for me to say…especially if my hair wants to throw a fit that particular day.

Overall, this product is absolutely awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone with hair, to be honest. It is always worth a try, right? However, I especially recommend it to anyone with colored, dry and/or damaged hair because it does a really good job at moisturizing. I also think my fellow wavy or curly haired folks will appreciate it as well due to its effective anti-frizz, smoothing and detangling properties.

I have never been so excited to find out about a hair product in my entire life. Having to go back to my normal shampooing routine after running out of my samples was  pretty unappealing, but I knew I’d eventually find out what had managed to appease my tantrum-throwing bleached hair. Now that the mystery is solved, I will be running (not walking) to my nearest drugstore to grab this Smooth & Silky stuff. How good it feels (and looks) to be enlightened. -XO


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