Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Mother’s Day is here again. It’s a great time to show appreciation for your own mother or any mother who is supremely special to you. What better way to show her you care than gifting her the very thing she’s missing in her life? Sometimes the problem is figuring out what that item actually is. If you’re still scratching your head and need a little bit of direction, this Mother’s Day gift guide is sure to give your gift giving batteries a jolt of energy and perspective.

Fashion lovers are probably my favorite recipients to find gifts for. I love so many different aspects of fashion that I am constantly coming up with something they would never expect (and often had no idea existed). This gift guide primarily features one of my favorite fashion headquarters, Nordstrom, along with some other tried and true retailers.

– $50 and Under –



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Stargazer Flip Flop – $28

With summer quickly approaching (Thank goodness!), it’s time to dust off our favorite sunnies, swimsuits and sandals. If your mom plans to hit up the beach or pool, these flip flops are going to have her floating on clouds. I own a pair of these and have to say that they are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. Unlike a lot of average flip flops that are hard and inflexible, these Reef flip flops bend and flex as you walk. The cushioning of these are excellent (just think of them as a memory foam mattress for your feet).

And since they aren’t made of jelly material, you don’t have to worry as much about slipping or sliding once you’re finished swimming or running through the sprinklers. Available in a few different colors such as multi-color and brown, there is bound to be a color to match whatever your mom is wearing that particular day.



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Charming Charlie

The Austin Earrings – $12

These flirtatious, French-inspired earrings first caught my eye a few days ago. The more I see this particular style, the more I love them. This is truthfully not an earring I could have foreseen liking so much, but there’s something so fresh and fun about them. These are very reminiscent of the pom-pom trend. I’ve actually seen another pair of earrings at a retailer that shall remain nameless. They look exactly the same, except the others were selling for five times as much.

As you can see, these are a very substantial size, making them perfect for the mom who likes a little drama when it comes to her wardrobe. I think they’d be absolutely darling with an off the shoulder blouse. These earrings come in so many different colors and combinations. The ones I’ve featured above are the top colors I could see myself wearing, but there’s every color of the rainbow available (and then some).



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Charming Charlie

Kenzie Studded Dome Satchel (in Olive) – $39

I will forever love an affordable handbag—especially a structured satchel. Charming Charlie never disappoints when it comes to good value and selection, but I highly recommend checking out their brick and mortar stores. The selection is outrageous. I own a few of their handbags and I can honestly tell you that they’ve historically  gotten more compliments than any of my more expensive designer bags. The fact that I’ve had some for several years and they are still holding up like new, speaks volumes.

Where this bag is concerned, I’m loving the perforations and geometric shapes—very modern. Olive/khaki green is a huge wardrobe favorite of mine; it goes with nearly everything. The gold plated studs give this bag a little bit of edginess too, which I really like. For the money, this is a complete steal.



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Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner – $39.99

Every jewelry lover knows how important it is to keep their favorite bling clean. Poor care can lead to cloudy stones and tarnished metals.  The last thing you want to do is invest in beautiful jewelry only to ruin them through prolonged storage or regular exposure to oils/dirt. To ensure that your mom’s collection sparkles for the gods, this is the ideal item to give her.

My mom recently purchased this exact model, so I’ve had a chance to try it out on a few of my own everyday pieces. It works extremely well. Not only is it fast, but it’s extremely gentle. Just add a little warm water and a bit of dish soap to reclaim the original luster of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. It has five cleaning cycles and comes with a convenient holding basket. Even though it is small and compact, the interior fits so many items!



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Charming Charlie

Genie Beaded Layers Necklace – $20

I am absolutely loving this. It’s a cheerful and modern translation of the classic pearl necklace. The cream, gold and seafoam beads are so feminine and pretty for the spring and summer months. I like how the seafoam beads are angular, while the others are rounded and smooth like pearls. The hint of shine from the golden beads will help brighten up any outfit in a flash. With a gold toned adjustable clasp, this necklace will suit a variety of necklines. I think this beaded statement necklace would be a terrific way to spruce up a dress with a plunging neckline.



– $50 to $100 –



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Stitch Fix

Personal Styling Gift Card – $20 up to $1000

This is a really unique gift card idea for anyone who loves fashion and would like the opportunity to experience the joys of a personal stylist. It’s also great for someone who could really use a fashion makeover, but perhaps dislikes shopping in-store. I haven’t personally tried Stitch Fix yet; I will be soon though, so stay tuned for that! However, I’ve had the chance to see other people’s curated picks. I must say that I’m pretty intrigued by what I’ve seen so far. This service allows you to pay just $20 for a styling fee, which is much less than what you’d pay to hire a personal stylist independently.

A Stitch Fix stylist will use your mom’s style profile (that she fills out based on her preferences) to select pieces to send her. Items range from clothing and shoes to accessories and bags. She can try everything out in the privacy of her own home. If she likes anything, she can buy it. If not, she can send everything back in the pre-paid mailer. Simple! They carry sizes 0-24W, as well as petite and maternity options. This is an excellent gift idea if you don’t know and can’t guess your mom’s sizes or personal tastes. Gift cards can range in value from $20-1000. They may be delivered via printed voucher, email, or post. If you’re looking for a fun, last minute gift option, this may be it.



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La Mer Collection

‘Milwood’ Leather Wrap Watch, 35mm – $84

When it comes to watches, I’m often very extra. I like a little boldness and glitz with my timepieces. Even though this watch is more understated than I’d typically go for, it’s really cute. Featuring an Italian leather wrap-style bracelet, this watch is perfect for everyday wear. It’s hip without being flashy, but there’s still an old school flair to it that is both classic and versatile. I truly think this is a great pick for women of all ages. I love the white rectangular face, gold Roman numerals and small pop of blue.

My favorite color combination is the stone/white/gold, but it comes in a few other options as well. A close second pick for me would be the brown/gold combo. Your mom could pair this with a stack of stone beaded bracelets and a bangle or two for a pretty and fashion forward look.



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Nine West

Gemily Block Heel Slide Sandal – $88.95

I am really liking the look of this block heel sandal. The contrast of the black suede and clear heel is sexy, trend-conscious and avant-garde. This shoe would go with so many different outfits that I hardly think it would spend much time in the closet. From pants and dresses to skirts and rompers, the options are endless. I think this is a great shoe if you want to help dress something up.

Aside from black (my favorite pick), these come in a few different colors of suede. Some of the more uncommon shades include yellow, light blue, pink and light purple. Whether you’re wanting to gift a mule of a neutral hue or you’re looking for something of a pastel variety, these are sure to please.



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1500 Watt Upright Fabric Steamer – $54.99

No matter how much you like your linen and rayon, nothing ruins a nice outfit like wrinkles, crimps and kinks. However, I have never met a person who actually likes to iron. This is a common conundrum for the fashion lover: How do you tame your favorite wrinkle-happy pieces without dragging out the ironing board? Easy. Get a steamer. If your mom is still breaking a sweat trying to get wrinkles out of her clothes with a traditional iron, this fabric steamer will be a lifesaver.

Complete with auto shut off, this steamer will give your mom 90 minutes of continuous steaming power. Goodbye pesky wrinkles, hello favorite denim. What’s great about fabric steamers is that they are multi-use. These work great on upholstery, drapes or any other fabrics that need some sprucing up.



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Power Semiprecious Stone Bracelet – $58

I personally collect gemstone jewelry and think gems are one of the most beautiful things the Earth produces, so this was an easy pick for me. Though I’ve always loved beaded bracelets, it can be really hard to find ones that aren’t made with gargantuan beads. Though large beads are passable for some outfits, sometimes you just need something dainty, but still eye-catching to adorn your wrist. That’s why I absolutely love these vibrant slide bracelets. Perfect for stacking with watches and other bracelets, these feature gemstones and 18K gold plating.

This style is available in different colors/stones;  the ones above are just my top favorites. Some people believe that genuine stones can help those who wear them to attract positive experiences. If you believe in that, this is a no brainer. But if you don’t, at least it’d still make a gorgeous gift.



– $100 and Up –



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Asa Kaftans

Short Kaftan (shown in ‘Bora Bora’, ‘Istanbul’ and ‘Kashmir’) – $130

For the mom who is bold, feisty and spirited, why not get her a beautiful kaftan to match her colorful personality? These definitely spoke to me! Kaftans are a gorgeous outfit pick whether your mom is cabana bound, lounging by the pool or strolling the beach. Swimsuit cover ups have never been so striking. However, you don’t have to limit this lovely piece to just the waterside. Paired with shorts and a coordinating tank, your mom could easily stroll the streets in this looking easy, breezy and oh-so-amazing.

This particular kaftan is thigh-high, which is perfect for showing off your mom’s legs (a longer variety is also available for shyer ladies). Complete with poncho sleeves, crystal embellishments and a laced v-neck, this is an item so bright and beautiful it’ll put even the best summer day to shame.



Photo Courtesy of The Container Store

The Container Store

Huggable Hangers

Suit/Shirt Hangers (40 count box) – $29.99*

Next to the mall or a boutique, a fashionista’s favorite place should always be her closet. After all, it’s where we keep our well sought after treasures, right? Well, a fashionista’s closet can quickly turn into her biggest nemesis—especially if it becomes cluttered, or even worse, too full. Once upon a time, you really only had two options for battling a severe lack of closet space: 1.) Part with some of your beloved wardrobe (No, say it isn’t so!) or 2.) Add on to your house. Thanks to this gift pick, a far more realistic and pleasing option is available!

Velvet hangers are amazing. Every closet should have some; my closets (and I) love being rid of those pesky plastic and wood ones. Not only are they super thin and durable, but they also prevent clothes from slipping off into the deep, dark crevices of the closet never to be seen again. You know what else I love? I can hang sweaters on them without getting those weird indentations. Score! This pack of 40 will adequately hang your mom’s shirts and suits with ease, allowing her to cram even more clothes into her same old closet. No need for a renovation!

*An average sized wardrobe requires approximately 4 boxes



west elm

Faceted Mirror Box (Tall) – $119

If your mother loves jewelry, chances are she will love this jewelry box. I know I do! This mirrored beauty from west elm is absolutely stunning. I love mirrored furniture and accessories anyway, but the decorative finish of this particular piece gives it a bit of contemporary zest. Shaped like a faceted gemstone, it is the ideal space for your mom to hang and hide her favorite bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The design and brass hardware helps to make this a neutral and artful addition that’s perfect for anyone’s vanity table.



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Mini Sonny Melbourne – $225

So. Much. Yes. Am I the only one who is obsessed with this bag? Didn’t think so. I have a major thing for the vast majority of Brahmin’s handbags, but this one is just the cutest darn crossbody bag ever. I mean, until I see the next crossbody that I like. But for now, I’m simply loving this one. Compact, classy and crocodile-esque, this gorgeous seafoam bag would be the perfect thing to show off all spring (or what’s left of it) and summer.

With a pocket in the back and a few more inside, I am already over here dreaming up all the things I could —I mean your mom could—stow away in it. This glossy leathered bag is perfect for someone who typically sports a preppy, well polished look. This style comes in four other colors as well (Periwrinkle is another pretty one), so you’re bound to find the perfect shade for your mom…or yourself. 🙂



Photo Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Twist Aviator Sunglasses – $310

First and foremost, anyone who knows me is aware that gold and Tiffany blue (or varying shades of aqua) are my two favorite colors in the world. I think the color scheme and design of these Tiffany aviators is so beautiful and fun. You definitely won’t see everyone and their dog running around in these. As we all know, if you have the right face shape for them, aviators are one of the most classic shade styles to have.

With anti-glare and full UV protection, these gorgeous green gradient lenses will protect your mom’s eyes from the rays of her own awesomeness. I like that the gold isn’t too brassy or gaudy because not everyone is quite that extra. The cute twisted heart keys along the arms are perfect for reminding your mom just how much you love her.

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Hopefully you guys had as much fun checking out my Mother’s Day fashion gift picks as I did finding them. Even better, I hope you’re going away with some ideas to take to the store with you in preparation for May 14th. If you’re still looking for a bit more gift inspo you can always check out my gift guide for the special traveler in your life.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day. Be safe, be kind and stay golden. ‘Til next time, golden girls!



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