Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Health Nut

This is it: the LAST Mother’s Day gift guide that I’m going to post until next year. If you make it through all of them and still can’t find the right gift, you may want to go the kindergartener route and just give her a handmade card and a hug. It’s the thought that counts, right? But if you still have a little gift searching fight left in you, let’s see if this one, last set of gift picks can spare you from a date with construction paper and Crayola.

This gift guide is going to appeal to the mom who is a health nut…or the one who is trying to become a health nut. Okay, maybe all she likes to do is sit and eat nuts. It’s all good, you guys. Whether your mom is a gym rat, yoga master, weekend warrior, couch surfer or non-dairy/low-fat/low-carb/sugar-free/gluten-free/vegan hang-gliding raw foodist (Whew!), there’s a little something on here for everyone. Hopefully. I mean, for your sake. Otherwise, you’ll be busting out that Elmer’s glue and glitter.

– $50 and Under –



Photo Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook by Amanda Haas – $27.95

My first pick in this price category is going to be perfect for the health conscious mom who likes to cook or would at least like to learn some new recipes that are healthy and delicious. Written by Amanda Haas, this cookbook features a whopping 65 recipes that are all 100% gluten free. Primarily intended for individuals who struggle with internal inflammation, there are recipes to help your mom go from breakfast to dinner. There’s even a section on desserts (my fav), sauces and snacks. Part cookbook, part medical guide, this book will also inform your mom about the negative effects that excessive inflammation can have on the body and its organs, as well as provide her with a list of foods that have been found to ease and even reverse those effects.

I would actually love to try out some of the recipes in this book. Though eating gluten free meals is a very healthy option that can help with a host of health conditions, it can sometimes be hard to find meals you actually like. But with 65 different recipes to choose from, finding the best recipes won’t be the hard part. It may be more difficult to find the time to eat them all!



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Hamsa Yoga Mat, 3mm – $21.98

I’m honestly not into yoga (at this point of time), but this gorgeous latex-free yoga mat actually makes me want to try to pick it up again. Many moms absolutely live and breathe yoga, so if this sounds like your mother, this might be an excellent gift to give her. I love the mellow black background and beautiful ornate hamsa design.

For those who don’t know, a hamsa is a popular icon in many faiths—especially Middle Eastern ones. It is said to protect a possessor from the “evil eye”, bringing them good luck, prosperity, happiness and protection from negative energy. This being said, I would think practicing yoga on a hamsa mat would help to bolster the positive energy of any session. Perfect for use at the yoga studio or right in her own home, you’d be sure to share positive vibes with your mom by giving her this zen gift.



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Perfect Portions Scale – $39.99

Whether your mom likes to be mindful of her portion sizes or she is trying to lose weight by watching her caloric intake, this food scale would be an awesome tool to help her. I recently purchased a different scale and I absolutely love it. Being able to weigh your food helps you to visualize the correct serving sizes and let’s you accurately determine how many calories you are consuming.

This particular scale is actually more informative than mine because it not only weighs food, but provides a nutritional calculator for it. With a catalogue of nearly 2,000 popular preprogrammed foods (and the ability to add up to 99 more), your mom would be able to get the full nutritional facts for any serving size she measured out. Want to know how many calories are in that mug full of Cheerios? Done. How about the grams of fat in a handful of wasabi peas? Sorted. This handy, glass-topped scale will even keep track of your daily caloric intake for her. How thoughtful!



Photo Courtesy of Walmart



Vinyl Kettlebell Set – $32.29

I recently dove into the world of kettlebells after seeing people swinging them around for years. I could never understand what the appeal or benefit was to using them until I decided to finally try some for myself. After buying a fifteen-pounder, I learned that I really quite enjoy working out with them.  I will say that the fifteen is entirely too heavy for me to do anything impressive with if I’m only working one arm at a time, but for two handed use, the fifteen pound is just right.

This set includes one 5-pound, one 10-pound and one 15-pound kettlebell. They also come with their own holding tray, instructional DVD and exercise chart. Kettlebells are excellent for toning your midsection and training other areas of the body. It also helps that they are extremely fun to use. These would be great to gift your mom if she has a home gym or would like to get one started.



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Steam Rapids Filter as You Pour Water Pitcher – $29.99

The importance of water is no big secret. Adequately consuming enough water on a daily basis ensures that our bodies work optimally. Water helps flush our system of toxins, beautifies the skin and helps control our appetite. So whether your mom wants to lose weight or simply live a healthy, happy lifestyle, meeting her daily water requirements is key. However, not all water is created equal. It would do very little good to drink water that is full of chemicals or other impurities, which is often an issue when it comes to municipal tap water. A good way to filter out these harmful additives and ensure your mom has plenty of access to clean water would be to gift her this 10-cup Brita pitcher.

I actually had one of these once and I absolutely loved it (no idea what happened to it). The water always tasted clean and fresh. Plus, I loved that it stayed in the refrigerator and kept the water cold for whenever I wanted it. This pitcher comes with a filter replacement indicator, which is really helpful because your mom will always know when it’s time to pop a new filter in. This pitcher comes with one replaceable filter that will last at least 40 gallons, holding up for an average of two months.

Target also sells a pack of three filters for $16.99, so for under $50, you could potentially gift your mom 8 months of clean, crisp water.



Photo Courtesy of REI


Trigger Point Performance

GRID STK X Foam Roller – $39.95

If your mom is an athlete of any sport, she is probably very aware of the uncomfortable reality of tight muscles. Even if your mom is getting ready to start a new workout program, she will quickly learn the importance of keeping one’s muscles well maintained. Muscle knots and tightness are the worst (I know this far too well), but they often come with the territory when you are working out and pushing your muscles to the limits. One of the best things I ever did for my muscles was get a foam roller.

I actually far prefer this type of roller because you don’t need to get down on the floor to use it. You can simply grip the ends and roll it directly over the muscles that are sore. Excellent for massaging the tops of thighs or hard to reach areas such as the upper back, this roller will work well whether your mom is standing or sitting down. It is both latex-free and waterproof.

– $50 to $100 –



Photo Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond

Weight Gurus

Wifi Smart Body Composition Scale – $79.99

This scale would be a great gift for a mom who is watching her weight, into technology or a combination of both. I’ve been wanting to get a body composition scale for awhile now because they tell you so much more than just your weight. This scale can tell your mom what her BMI is, as well as what her muscle mass, water weight, bone mass and body fat percentages are. By hooking it up to her home’s WiFi, this smart scale can measure and store the data for up to 8 users.

Suitable for individuals up to 400 lbs, its data can be viewed via the computer or the Weight Gurus app on both iOS and Android. I really like this particular scale because it is also compatible with apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health. I also appreciate the sleek, modern design.





Tanjun Casual Sneakers –  $64.99

I am so obsessed with these Nikes. Whether your mom slays her workouts in the gym, at home or on the streets, she needs a good pair of workout shoes in her closet. In addition to making a fashion statement at the gym, having the right pair of shoes to exercise in can really boost your workout. Well supported and cushioned feet can help you jump higher and run longer. The last thing your mom wants are uncomfortable and unattractive shoes.

These Tanjun sneakers are absolutely beautiful in black and white—they’d go with just about any workout outfit. However, they are also available in a pretty white/grey combination. In Japanese, “tanjun” means “simplicity”, which fits these sneakers perfectly. The lines are extremely clean. The woven upper is breathable, ensuring your mom’s feet stay cool and dry through her workouts. Even though I think these would be excellent to workout in, they would also be terrific for everyday use.



Photo Courtesy of Fabletics


Gift Card – $100

Just like it is important to have a nice workout shoe, it is equally important to have several workout outfits. Although sweatpants and a t-shirt are effective, they aren’t exactly the best for wicking sweat, keeping you cool or showing off your personal style. If your mom is in need of a brand new fitness wardrobe, why not give her a gift card to Fabletics? You can gift an amount from $50-600, but I think $100 would be a great amount because it can buy her two entire outfits or be used to start a membership.

If you aren’t already familiar with Fabletics, it is Kate Hudson’s super trendy line of activewear. They have some of the cutest outfits for yoga, running or the gym. However, they also carry separates such as leggings, tanks, sports bras and shorts. What I like about Fabletics is that they carry a range of sizes from XXS-3X, making cute workout clothing accessible to women of all sizes and shapes (unlike a certain popular, but highly discriminatory activewear brand that shall remain nameless). No shade. Well, not much.



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Backless Classic Balance Ball Chair – $59.98

I absolutely loved this the moment I saw it. I should really get myself one to use at my work desk throughout the day. This backless balance ball chair is a terrific gift for any mom who spends prolonged amounts of time working on the computer. It can often be hard to stay active throughout the day if you’re stuck working at a desk. With this chair, your mom could get a core strengthening workout for as long as she’s seated in it. This would also be a great place to sit while watching her favorite shows/movies as well.

If you are familiar with traditional balance balls that you can work out with, this chair works very similarly. Considered “active sitting”, being seated in this chair would require your mom to balance herself in order to remain stabilized. This continual balancing would not only help tone and strengthen her midsection and back, but train her to maintain good posture as she sits on it. They offer a balance ball chair with a back as well, but this particular model would really encourage your mom to sit up straight without the backing to relax against. It comes in a range of gorgeous colors (love the wasabi), which are fun and vibrant.

– $100 and Up –



Photo Courtesy of Brookstone



Alta HR – $129.95

This is sure to be a huge hit with any mom who is into fitness or is trying to get more into it. I was recently gifted one of these, so be sure to tune in later for the detailed review and unboxing. I’ve had it for about four days now and I absolutely love it. It’s everything I had hoped it would be and more.

This little wristband does so many things that it’s seriously hard to list all of the functions without leaving something out. In addition to tracking a wearer’s steps through the day, it has the ability to tell the time, monitor sleep patterns/duration, heart rate, cardiac performance levels and calories burned. It can automatically recognize a number of different exercises, but you have the option of tracking custom exercises as well.

My favorite feature is that it can remind your mom to get up and walk each hour that she is awake and that it can give her call/text notifications from her phone. This particular Fitbit model comes in several colors (really loving the plum) and three sizes (small, large, extra-large). These fitness trackers have interchangeable bands as well, so your mom can change up her device to match her outfits and activities.



Photo Courtesy of Best Buy

Best Buy


Nutribullet Lean, 32oz Countertop Blender – $129.99

When it comes to juicing and making smoothies, I simply adore my Ninja. I actually have the full blender set, but this Nutribullet Lean is sure to make the same deliciously smooth drinks. If your mom loves smoothies or wants to eat more nutrient-rich foods, this is the perfect gift for her. The ultra sharp blades ensure a well pulverized blend, making it easy to turn a variety of fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and salad greens into a healthy snack that tastes amazing and goes down with ease.

I like this particular Nutribullet set due to all of the accessories it includes. The portion plate divider will help your mom serve just the right portion sizes each and every time. It comes with a short cup (great for having a small snack smoothie at home), a full size blender cup (for when you want to make a smoothie your meal) and a flip top cup (ideal for taking it to work or the gym). I also like the two little measuring spoons, which would be perfect for measuring out ingredients such as protein powder. It also includes a recipe book to give your mom a variety of drinks to keep her tastebuds dazzled.



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20th Anniversary 5-Cord Reformer w/ Rebounder – $399

I honestly don’t have any more room for additional in-home gym equipment, but this is one item I would love to make room for. Pilates is a popular and excellent way to lengthen muscles and tone the body. If your mom loves pilates or would like to get into it, this reformer and rebounder combo is the perfect way for her to get a super effective workout in the privacy of her own home. Complete with 17 different resistance levels, your mom will have plenty of ways to challenge her fitness ability. It also comes with four workout DVDs, a month long online jumpstart program and a meal planner.

I love that this comes with a rebounder as well because rebounding is such a great cardio workout. This is going to give your mom an excellent alternative to traditional rebounders, which require users to jump up and down as though they are on a trampoline. Traditional rebounding is not the best exercise for people with physical limitations such as knee problems. However, the motion accomplished by the rebounder of this reformer will be much more suitable for people with such issues because of its low impact delivery.



Photo Courtesy of Target



AirGenius 3 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer – $148.99

This gift pick is yet another item that I personally own, but I seriously couldn’t do a gift guide for health conscious moms without suggesting the idea of gifting clean, allergen free air. If your mom is anything like my mom (who has serious allergies at times), this air cleaner is going to be such a godsend. As an asthma sufferer, having air that is even the slightest bit too dusty can become a complete nightmare for me. I live in a house that is several decades old, so dust is extremely commonplace, no matter how much I dust, vacuum or change air filters. Ever since getting this air cleaner and using it on a regular basis, I have been so much better. Goodbye itchy eyes, coughing and scratchy throat!

With three settings and an oscillation option, this air cleaner does a terrific job when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing the air. My bedroom always smells so fresh and crisp after running it for a few hours—I just love it. Something I really appreciate about this particular model is that the filter is permanent. You do not have to continue to buy filters once it gets dirty, but they do sell additional replaceable filters for those who want extra filtration. I honestly don’t think it’s necessary. Even when I put it on the highest setting (which is nearly always) the noise isn’t excessively loud. It can make a room quite cool though, but I quite like that feature. It’s almost like a fan and air cleaner all rolled into one!

Shopping online? Want to earn cash back on your purchases at popular retailers both online and in select stores? Check out Ebates! I save so much money using them when I shop. More $$$ = more shopping. ❤ ❤ 

And so ends my final Mother’s Day gift guide. I had so much fun doing this collection of articles. They were my first gift guides on the site! It was a lot of work and took quite a bit of time to put together, but I hope everyone enjoyed them and got some great ideas. If you happened to miss my gift guide for the beauty lover, please feel free to check it out and get gift inspo for Mother’s Day or any other special gift-giving occasion.

For a vast majority of online retailers, Tuesday, May 9, 2017 is the last day to order gifts for expedited delivery arriving before or on Mother’s Day, so it’s a good idea to check out those last minute gifts if you planned on shopping online. Many of the gifts in my guides are still available in-store (even if it is at a different retailer than I specifically mentioned), so that’s always a convenient option too!

Have a safe and happy Mother’s Day whether you are celebrating it with your own mom or someone else’s. ‘Til next time, golden girls!



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