Glossybox Unboxing: May 2017

Ready for May’s Glossybox unboxing? I am! It’s so hard to believe that it’s May already. Pretty soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to spring and hello to summer. It feels as though I was just ranting over last month’s Glossybox picks. Of course, the star product ended up being the “mystery shampoo”, which is no longer a big secret. If you missed the unveiling of my newest favorite hair product, you can check it out over here. But first, let’s see if I can find some new favs in this month’s box.

When I first got a sneak peak of this month’s products I was thinking, “Meh.” I’m always excited to try out new beauty items, but after last month’s products being such a huge hit with me, these items had a tough act to follow. I wasn’t sure that I would love May’s box like I did April’s, but once I had a chance to go through everything and try some things out, I was pretty happy with them. I do wish I had gotten the exfoliating mud mask in my box since I love masks, but that’s okay. Maybe next time! 😛

May’s Glossybox is full of staff-selected favorites. I was definitely curious to see what Glossybox staffers’ go-to products are so I could test them out for myself. This month offered several full-sized items, which I was thrilled about. It’s always nice to have enough  product to test out over a prolonged amount of time. I go through sample sizes like it’s no one’s business, so I’m glad that these items will be sticking around for a good long while.



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Skinn by Dimitri James

Shade and Blush Collection: Bronze Goddess – $28/each

Out of all of May’s items, this was probably the one I was most excited about. I actually have a lip scrub by Skinn, which I really enjoy, so this was my second time checking them out. My general impressions of this shadow and blush palette are pretty favorable. They paid a lot of attention to packaging, which I can always appreciate. I am also a huge fan of palettes and compacts that actually have mirrors, so Skinn got an A for that. I will never understand why some makeup companies nix the mirrors in their palettes. Having the mirror makes on-the-go touchups so much easier.

As for the colors, I think that they are really pretty. I love a good dramatic eye on occasion, but neutral eye looks are my day to day go-to (When I actually have the time!). These shades are perfect for anyone who likes to keep their makeup as neutral as Switzerland. Featuring (shimmery) pearl, gold, copper, taupe and (matte) mousey brown selections, this palette makes color coordination a no-brainer—they compliment each other beautifully! I got to experimenting with the pearl shade and found that it can double as a highlighter when blended out well enough. The blush is a deep peachy pink hue that should compliment a wide variety of skin tones.

The formula of the shadows and blush is better than I expected. I swatched them a few times and didn’t find them to be chalky at all, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem with excessive fallout (though there is still some). The shadows are rather sheer though. I tried to build them up, but the color payoff remained fairly light. Even when I wet my brush, the application wasn’t highly pigmented (despite offering a very pretty glow). If you are like me and tend to be a tad bit heavy handed with shadows, these are relatively fool-proof. It’d be quite difficult to put too much on in one go. They blend out really well while dry, making mistakes easy to “erase”, but I will admit that they are harder to blend out while wet. The blush is more pigmented than the shadows, but it diffuses for a natural wash of color when buffed out.






XXL Lip Liner (in Nude) – $22/each

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: I think a nude lip is everything. I love it, I love it, I love it. That being said, I was instantly drawn to this lip pencil. The matte pinky nude completely surprised me by being a near exact match to my natural lip color. I have tried many, many nude lip liners and lipsticks in my day, but this is the first one to actually look just like my lips. Of course, I couldn’t help but overdraw my lips to fully test it out and let me tell you, I looked like I just had lip injections (which is quite a feat—I don’t have the smallest lips anyway). This liner is waterproof and contains a lip plumping complex. I can’t tell if my lips looked fuller due to its plumping ingredients or the color match, but I really love the way this pencil makes my lips look.

I was doing a little reading about the product on Rodial’s website and saw that the current reviews are less than favorable. People are saying that the liner is dry and that it broke off the first time they used it…Yikes! While my own liner survived several test runs, I do agree with the reviewers about the formula being a bit dry. It’s really strange though because it glides on really smoothly, yet it is noticeably dry at the same time. I definitely own more hydrating lip liners, but I still really like this one. After testing its transferability by kissing the back of my hand (yeah, I know…how scientific), it absolutely refused to budge from my lips. Some of my creamier lip liners tend to migrate as the day goes on, but I know this one would actually stay put.

That being said, I give this lip liner my stamp of approval. Yes, it’s a bit dry, but it’s a great color and it can take a beating. I do have two issues with this liner though. The biggest complaint that I have about it is that it isn’t self-advancing. I have never liked having to manually sharpen my eye and lip liners, but it’s not the end of the world. The second problem I have with this liner actually has to do with its packaging. Similar to my experience with Colourpop’s tubes in April’s box, half of the lettering on this pencil has completely rubbed off! I don’t think I’ve had this box two days…how is the lettering already vanishing?





Nail Repair Care – $20.00/full-size

This product is a great one for anyone who is constantly splitting their nails. Many people have trouble growing long nails simply because their nails aren’t strong enough to resist cracks and breaks. This nail hardener is supposed to help restore and strengthen nails in as little as two weeks. I think this would be super useful for people with thin nails. It would also be helpful for anyone who wears acrylic nails on a regular basis. I love acrylics every now and then, but I know what a toll they can take on your natural nails. Fake nails can be extremely damaging, so a hardener such as this would really help to build your nail back up in between sets.

I personally have nails of steel, or else I would have loved to test the effectiveness of this for myself. I suppose I will have to give it away to someone who can benefit from it in order to see how well it actually works.




Leighton Denny Expert Nails

Nail Polish (in Pillow Talk) – $19/each

When I first saw this nail polish shade in one of Glossybox’s emails I was a bit unsure about it. It photographed like a true red, which I didn’t think I’d use much at all. As much as I enjoy red polish during the winter months (especially around Christmas), I tend to shy away from reds the remainder of the year. It is actually quite rare for me to paint my nails a multitude of colors these days. My staple polish colors include: black, white, light pinks/blushes and various nudes.

When I actually received this polish in the mail and got a chance to inspect it, I was happy to see that it wasn’t as red as I’d imagined. I tested a bit of it on top of my current nude polish and found it to be a really pretty color. With tinges of pink and purple, it translates into a deep magenta. It’s a nice pop of color that isn’t too bright or loud. The opacity of this polish is surprisingly good—you won’t need to apply coat after coat after coat in order to properly cover your nails. Though this isn’t a color I would typically choose for myself, I must admit that I’m looking forward to using it for my next manicure.



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Spa To You

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager – $9/each

When it comes to facial cleansing, I love a good brush. Although spin brushes are all the rage, I really love an old fashioned non-motorized one. I recently had to discard the brush I got from Sephora, so I was pretty glad to receive a replacement in this month’s box. What I love about non-motorized facial brushes is their versatility. I feel as though these kinds of brushes are a lot less fuss because you don’t have to buy any replacement heads, change batteries, charge them, etc. I also feel as though the pressure is a bit easier to control since you are supplying all the elbow grease.

I gave this brush a try yesterday and I really liked it. It comes with a little clip that attaches to the head, which is supposed to help protect the bristles whenever it’s not in use. This would be a great way to keep the bristles in perfect form while traveling with the brush. Upon using it, I was a bit surprised by the texture of the bristles. The staff member, who picked it as their selection, described the brush as being “silky smooth”. Though I wouldn’t describe the bristles as “abrasive”, I have certainly tried softer facial brushes. However, I actually quite like that the bristles are pliable, but still effective. I certainly wouldn’t want to use a product that is harsh on my skin, but I often find some brush bristles and exfoliating scrubs to almost be too gentle.

This brush did an excellent job at scrubbing my face and removing lingering traces of makeup. It also has little silicone massaging heads that are embedded in the bristles, which are supposed to help with microcirculation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has skin that isn’t super sensitive and/or someone who needs a little more substance to their cleansing brushes.


And so ends the Glossybox for May. No worries though. The way time is flying, we’ll be right back at it again with June’s box. I wonder what will be in it. I’m hoping they include some products that are perfect for kicking off summer. A really good highlighter and bronzer would be awesome. I mean, who doesn’t like a high octane glow in the summertime? Some SPF-packed makeup products would also be great for anyone who plans to soak up some rays. Ah, only time can tell what treats next month will bring. So until then, stay flawless, golden girls!



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