Business As Usual

I just sat here for a little over two hours and wrote a 2500+ word post sharing the random things going on in my head and life right now. It was honest, humorous and a bit on the wacky side. Business as usual.

And like always, I saved my draft a million times because I’m a paranoid freak who likes to ensure that nothing I do goes to waste. I saved and saved and saved my work. Business as usual.

I finally reached my last little mini-story/segment and was putting the finishing touches on it. It’s getting late here and my coffee didn’t perk me up worth a damn, so I planned on editing tomorrow morning. I had been so excited to post it. Business as usual.

And then I saved one last time before logging off. However, I went to preview the post before leaving it behind for the night. Business as usual.

Except…Everything is gone. All my pictures. All my ramblings. An entire two and a half hours worth of work has vanished as though I never did it.

I checked prior versions and auto save never saved a single thing. Oh—It saved the first paragraph…from two hours ago. Nothing else. All of my other manual saves were completely blank.

I am pretty sure that something/someone in the universe is trying to royally piss me off right now.

I am fairly sure that I want to scream.

Eh. Business as usual.