Glossybox Unboxing: June 2017

Summer officially starts in just a few days. I don’t know how the weather has been where you are, but it’s been pretty hot here over the past week or so. I’m starting to think that summer came a little bit early! What better way to prep for summer than to check out a few new beauty products with Glossybox? After all, summer is the perfect time for hanging out at the beach, going to barbecues and heading off on amazing vacays. Why not look your best while doing so?

June’s Glossybox was put together with summer in mind. I think all of the picks are absolutely perfect for the season. For me, summer is all about bright colors, dewy skin  and bronzers—effortless beauty. If I can’t put the sun to shame with my goddess glow, then I’d almost rather not go outside at all. That being said, Glossybox totally delivered this month. Between products that will help you achieve luminous skin and products that will help you crank up the color, I’m in love with everything I received this time around. I’ve had the chance to test out most of June’s summer inspired picks, so I’ll be giving you guys a little extra info about those. Want to see what items have managed to capture my attention? Just keep on reading! 🙂

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The Crème Shop

The OMG Brush – $10-15

If you are really into makeup and keep abreast of all the goings on in the beauty industry, then you have seen things like this before. If you aren’t into beauty products and are barely able to keep up with your Chapstick, this is an oval brush. Oval brushes are one of the most beloved ways to apply foundations, blushes, creams, powders, shadows—you name it, these can handle it. Though these types of brushes come in various shapes and sizes, this OMG Brush is the ideal size for applying your foundations and powders. With densely packed, uber soft fibers, you should be able to achieve a flawless, airbrushed complexion.

First thing first, I really liked that the brush came packaged in a nice, sturdy box. For the money, the construction of the brush handle seems pretty good, which is a plus since you don’t want the handle breaking into two. The bristles are very soft and silky as well. I have to say that this is a decent brush to buy if you’d like some Artis brushes (Artis is a leading makeup brush brand), but cannot bring yourself to spring the money for one. This size reminds me of the Artis Oval 7, which retails for a little over $60, so it’s not a bad dupe price-wise. The mirrored silver and white also remind me of the Artis Mirror Collection. I haven’t actually tried this particular brush yet, but based on what I know about other oval brushes, it will more than likely work well in comparison to your standard brush.

I actually own a set of oval brushes (that I love), so based on observations alone, I could draw up a few instant comparisons. I honestly think that my brushes are a bit more sturdy than this one simply because it doesn’t have as many separate parts in the handle that could potentially separate and fall off. Also, my brushes’ bristles are far more packed than those in this brush. When I run my nail against the head of my brushes, they only move slightly. This shows me that while there is very little space for product to get pressed down into the brush, there is just enough movement to the bristles to move the product around the face. Just running my finger across the head of the OMG Brush, I  can see that while the bristles are very soft, they do have a lot of movement. By this I mean that they splay out in all directions when pressure is applied, which leads me to think that my brushes have more bristles. This is not to say that the OMG Brush isn’t as good (or even better) than my current brushes. I definitely think the bristles of this brush are softer than mine, so it is always possible that I will like its application better. Only time will tell! I will have to keep you posted on how it works out for me.




Photo-Hydra Day – $29

I am super obsessed with skincare products right now, so this was something I simply couldn’t wait to try out. This light-activated day moisturizer is both interesting and effective. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to retain your skin’s moisture and leave it looking firm, supple and youthful. You know how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day (especially in the summer)? Well, it is just as critical that your face gets its “8 glasses” in the form of moisturizer, making hyaluronic acid your skin’s best friend. In addition to this, Photo-Hydra Day is designed to use light to help keep your face moisturized throughout the day. I have no idea how this works, but I believe it. I’ll explain more about this below.

What I love most about this product (outside of how well it works) is how light the cream is. In the summer, I avoid using thick, heavily scented products. It is entirely too hot to put on anything that is going to suffocate my skin, dry me out or attract nasty mosquitoes. Photo-Hydra Day distributes really well across the skin and because you only need a small dot, the tube is going to last quite awhile. It is silky to the touch and absorbs into the skin without a single hint of tackiness or greasiness, which I love. There is nothing worse than a moisturizer that leaves your face looking like you just bobbed for apples in a vat of cooking grease (gross). When you put it on you can just feel the moisture in it as it goes into the skin. It leaves my face feeling and looking amazing. This cream is also lightly scented (think soapy and fresh), but it isn’t overpowering at all.

I’ve been working outside a lot lately and let me tell you…the sun has been punishing! Usually, the heat would just zap all of the moisture right out of my pores, but I used this one morning before going outside—problem solved! When I finally escaped the sun and returned indoors, my face was still smooth and vibrant. I had the best glow going on! I had started peeling a little from being outside the day before, but this moisturizer stopped all of that nonsense dead in its tracks. So when they say that this product utilizes “Photo-Beauty Therapy”, I am sold on it. I truly can’t find anything bad to say about this stuff. Though it won’t replace my top two favorite “intensive treatment” moisturizers, it just might replace my day to day moisturizer because I’m really impressed by it.




Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil (Formerly The Nourisher) – $72

OMG. I don’t even know what to say about this. I am such a huge fan of this oil that I can hardly talk to you about it. It’s just amazing, it really is. When I first saw it, I was thinking, “Oh gosh. Another face oil. Blah.” In case you missed my last run-in with a face oil, I recently tried Sunday Riley’s Luna. Though I didn’t hate Luna, I didn’t end up loving it as much as I had wanted to. As time went on after my experiment, I was thinking facial oils were a bit hyped up and unnecessary. Biossance has made a total believer out of me!

Packed with Vitamin C, squalane and rose extract, this oil does a little bit of everything. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, which will protect the skin from free radicals. Squalane can help keep your skin looking well toned, brightened and plump, but it can also help fight against loss of moisture and wrinkles. Just a few drops is all you need to have one of the best oil experiences of your life. I’m telling you, this stuff is so smooth and luxurious. The minute you put it on, your face takes on the prettiest natural glow. It’s not greasy and it absorbs almost instantly. This oil smells of roses, but not in the traditional sense. Many rose scented products have an artificial rose scent, but not this one. This smells more like a rose you would find outside in the garden opposed to the commercialized rose fragrances you are used to coming across.

This sheer oil can be used both day and night, but I have been using it at night after my serums. My face has been ridiculously smooth upon waking up in the morning. I hardly need to moisturize after having this on all night, but of course, I still moisturize out of pure habit. It’s honestly hard for me to stop touching my face once I apply this product. The texture of the oil and my skin is just flawless. I haven’t tried to apply makeup on top of this stuff yet, but I seriously can’t wait to see the results. I will say that $72 might be a bit steep for some of you and I can totally understand that. However, I do think it’s worth the money if you have tried other moisturizers/oils in the past and haven’t been very happy with their results. This oil does exactly what it says it will—and quickly. I would definitely say that this blew Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil right out of the water. Better yet, it’s cheaper. In. Love.

Glossybox offered a promo code for Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil that is good until 7/31/17, in case any of you want to try it out for yourselves. Just use code: GLOSSYBOX10 for 10% off!



Bang Beauty

Cream Color (in Dolce Pink) – $26

Something I love to have in the summer is a pair of glowing, rosy cheeks. As I have discovered, this is a great product for achieving that very look. This multi-purpose cream color can be used however you see fit. Whether you want to dab some on your cheekbones as a pink hued highlighter or add a little to your eyes or lips, I think this would be an excellent thing to throw into a cosmetics bag while traveling. You really wouldn’t have to worry about packing a bunch of different products because this could potentially serve as a highlighter/blush, eyeshadow and lip color.

I swatched this stuff quite a few times (as I’m sure you can tell from the photo), and I really like it. I’ve never been the biggest fan of cream shadows or blushes, but this product won me over thanks to its slightly metallic finish. After applying it to my cheekbones, lips and eyelids, I found that I would personally only use it as a highlighter/blush. It looked a bit too frosted on my lips and eyes, which just isn’t my style.  I think it is an awesome highlighting option though. Since it’s shimmery opposed to glittery, you end up with a very natural highlight. This rosy color was super subtle on me, but still very pretty. I think the pink shade is a good highlighting option to use in place of gold or champagne tones if you are looking for a realistic blushing glow.

Vegan and cruelty-free, this cream color goes a long way. I added just a few dabs of it along my cheekbones—that was plenty good enough for me. If you decide that you’d like more color, you can definitely build it up. After all, you never know what degree of pigmentation you are going to want. One day you may want a sheer wash of color, but another day you may want something a little more bold. The formula is thick and slightly tacky, but it diffuses well when you blend it out with a beauty blender. I think the tackiness would actually make this cream color a great eyeshadow base, which I might test later on.


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Nail Polish (in Reese) – $14

Despite having heard of Julep before, I have actually never tried any of their products. That being said, I was kind of excited to get one of their nail polishes in this month’s box. I had to laugh when I saw the color though. Would you believe that I was wearing the same exact shade of pink on my nails when I opened the box? Once I convinced myself that I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t experiencing déjà vu (yet again), I decided that this sweet, bubblegum pink is simply going to be my go-to shade of Summer ’17. Good thing I really like it!

In case you aren’t already familiar with Julep’s polishes, these are a little different than your average, everyday polish. In addition to coming in a host of beautiful colors, these are actually quite good for your nails! Free from harmful ingredients such as DBP, camphor and formaldehyde, these are also cruelty-free and absent of any animal ingredients. Julep polishes contain antioxidants and ingredients to help improve the strength of your nails with regular use. These are also supposed to dry quickly, which is great for someone such as myself. I am always messing up my nails because I hate sitting still too long without doing something. Of course, that “something” gouges my nails and usually causes my fresh polish to get completely messed up. First world problems.

I haven’t tried this polish out quite yet since I still have polish on my nails, but I did use the handy swatch sticker on the bottle to test it out. As I sort of already mentioned, I just acquired a drugstore brand polish that is exactly the same color. I’m rather curious to see how the drugstore brand’s formula holds up in comparison to Julep’s, so I might do a head to head (more like hand to hand, lol) review to find out. It might be a good thing to know for anyone wanting to get their hands on Julep’s “Reese” because it’s currently sold out on Julep’s website! Talk about popular. I can totally see why though. Reese is a beautifully fun, summery pink for gals of all skin tones.




Glossybox also added this cute little palm adorned postcard to our boxes this month, which I thought was absolutely adorable. Apparently, these are meant to get us ready for July’s tropical themed box. I should have next month’s box right in time for my birthday, so I’m hoping Glossybox pulls through with some amazing new products for me to drool over and use on my special day. I have been trying to guess what surprises might be in store for us, but I really have no idea. When I think of tropical beauty products I think of bronzers, vibrant lip colors, suntan lotion, coconut scented things and island florals. Let’s see if any of those items pop up in July! ‘Til next time…stay golden!



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