DSW Haul: May/June 2017

17. This is how many pairs of shoes I recently had to purge from my shoe closet. I know, I know. Some of you are probably wondering how on Earth I had that many shoes to get rid of when you don’t even have half that many shoes in your entire collection. Trust me, I know that it sounds like a lot of shoes, but in fairness to me, I’ve had some of them a really long time and actually got a lot of wear out of the majority of them.

Stilettos, sky-high wedges and pumps of all styles and colors have finally been extracted from my collection. It was simply time. After wrecking both of my ankles last summer, I kind of knew that my days wearing towering heels were numbered. However, I kept all of my treasured beauties in hopes that I would be able to miraculously wear them again without an ankle (or two) threatening to throw me down to the ground. I recently realized that remaining in denial—-even over shoes—- is unhealthy. I had to get rid of all my heels. Every. Last. Pair.

In hindsight, I wish I had a picture to show you guys…it was kind of funny seeing all of those shoes heaped into a pile. It seriously looked as though I was getting ready to have a shoe bonfire. 90% of the pile consisted of my beloved heels, but a few extra pairs joined the shoe graveyard as well. I was simply tired of them. Once I’d gathered up everything and set it aside to be sold, I realized that my shoe cabinet had become a ghost town. I’m pretty sure I saw a tumbleweed or two rolling around in there, it was that empty. Of course, I couldn’t leave the cabinet barren like that for long. That would be a crime against…shoes? Anyway, I quickly remedied my sad and sorry shoe collection by poking around on DSW’s website and finding a few new styles. Let’s see what they were, shall we?



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Indigo Rd. ‘Celine’ (in Blue)

Upon looking through my shoe cabinet, I noticed that I didn’t have very many casual flats that were summer friendly. Though I have plenty of sandals, I was interested in finding something cute, casual and preferably blue. I’ve recently acquired some new clothing pieces that I thought would look amazing with a cute chambray-esque shoe, so when I found these, I knew it was the ideal flat for me. From denim and camel browns to dreamy whites and creams, these dusky blue flats will go with so many things in my wardrobe.

Strappy, caged and lace-up sandals are among my favorite sandal styles, so the Ghillie lace-up styling on these sandals is right up my alley. With faux suede uppers and rubber soles, the ‘Celine’ offers excellent tread. Overall, I feel as though these shoes are constructed pretty well. When it comes to the stitching, there is some fraying of the thread, but it is very minimal. The silver hardware adds delicate detail and offers a rather cute contrast to the blue material. I especially like how the ties are topped off with little silver caps. The ties are relatively long, which is great for different ankle sizes. You can loosen or tighten them to fit your individual needs. There is definitely enough for me to wrap them around my ankle twice and still tie it (or just once if I want a  more dramatic bow), so there is plenty of versatility there.

I find these to be very true to size as well. All of my toes have plenty of wriggle room and my foot doesn’t feel the least bit squished or uncomfortable. The only thing that I will say is that the part of the shoe that goes over the toes is in a bit of an awkward place on my foot. I could see others potentially having an issue with this part of the shoe digging into their foot. I don’t think it’s going to be too problematic when I go to wear them, but the front arch of the shoe sits right where the foot bends at the toes. If you have a wider or larger foot, this is something to simply keep in mind.

I only paid a few cents short of $16 for these, so I feel as though I got a great deal on them. They definitely don’t look or wear like $16 shoes, so these are perfect if you’re looking for an affordable spring/summer flat that has the structure of a shoe, but the airiness of a sandal.


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Audrey Brooke ‘Nadine’ (in Black Leather)

You never know when an unexpected formal event may pop up and you never want to have to hunt an outfit down last minute, so I needed to find some black heels—-and fast. Already, I had been searching for a pair of heels with an ankle strap and single strap across the toes for months without any luck. Everything I liked was either insanely priced, too tall, too steep or had a heel that was far too thin. When I came across these, I was pretty happy because it was a height I could actually manage.

At 3” tall, these block heels provide a reasonable boost without compromising stability. With super soft leather uppers and treaded synthetic soles, the ‘Nadine’ has a gorgeous, classic silhouette. I really like the contrast of the nude inner lining against the black leather and the gold name inlay. The ankle strap features five holes for adjustment and an elasticized buckle attachment, which provides a snug, but comfortable fit. The buckle hardware is silver (though I wish it had been gold). I love the slightly rounded toe on this shoe. Thanks to the elongated toe box, you will never have to worry about your toes dangling off the front edge—-that is never a cute look. Additionally, the stitching on this shoe is really nice. I didn’t spot a single loose end or construction flaw, so I was pleased by that. I also found the fit and sizing to be spot on.

My only complaint about this heel has to do with its ankle strap. I wish there was an additional loop to hold the slack of the strap once buckled. Anyone who has a smaller ankle is going to have a lot of extra strap left over, which sort of just sticks out with nowhere to go. I’m actually a little tempted to cut mine off because it would look more polished without it.

Outside of that small detail, I think this is the perfect heel for me. If you’re looking for a heel that is easy to walk in, not too tall and something that will always be in style, this is a wonderful option. The shoe looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. I was able to snag this for $39 and some change, so I think this was an excellent value. DSW also carries ‘Nadine’ in nude leather, denim and light beige. I honestly wouldn’t mind adding the nude and denim options to my collection—-they are gorgeous.



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Nine West ‘Gemily’ (in Black Suede)

If you remember me buying some beige mules from my last DSW haul, I ended up loving them. They can be a tad bit uncomfortable if you’re standing around in them for a long time, but they’re new—-maybe they need some breaking in still. Anyway, after grabbing the beige ones, I immediately wanted a black pair of mules. However, I wanted some that were a bit more dressy with an edgy flair. Finding the perfect pair to fit the bill was super easy because I’d already had my sights set on these ‘Gemily’ mules. For those of you who caught my Mother’s Day fashionista gift guide, these shoes may look familiar. I’ve basically wanted them ever since I added them to the list!

What can I say? I just love these so much. Though they come in several other colors, the black were a must have for me because they can go with so many different things. Their genuine suede uppers are super velvety to the touch. These mules feature the triangular elasticized portion along the inside of the shoe to ensure a flexible fit as you walk. The soles are synthetic and provide a few shallow notches for tread (though it isn’t very much). I think the rounded and elongated peep-toe is super cute and feminine. The ‘Gemily’ has a little bit of padding through the heel that decreases as you move toward the toe box, but there isn’t a lot. If comfort is a concern, some padded inserts may be advisable.

There are two things that I really love about this shoe. The first thing is how black the suede is. Some black suede isn’t a crisp, deep black, but more of an ashen black with hints of grey. These, however, truly are pitch black. This helps the shoe to really stand out on your foot, so I quite appreciate the depth of color. Secondly, the block heels on these are amazing. On the outside of the heel you have the deep black suede, but the inner portion of the heel is an angular section of clear lucite. The lucite turns these mules up a notch to give them a truly sophisticated, but artistic quality. It helps to give the shoe some extra weight as well, so this mule is quite substantial and heavy.

Although I don’t have any actual complaints, I will say that the shoe fits snugly throughout the foot and along the outer toes. I don’t find it particularly uncomfortable at all, but it is certainly a cozy fit. I definitely think it would be something to consider if you have wider feet because even though there is some give to the sides of the shoe, there isn’t much. As far as sizing is concerned, they were the perfect size for me, but I think I could have even gone up half a size if I’d wanted to. Though my toes are nowhere near the edge, my heels are right at the back of the heel. That being said, if you sometimes find yourself on the border of a size in most shoes, I’d probably size up to the next half size with these (just to be sure).

Overall, I simply adore these and cannot wait to wear them out. On the particular weekend that I bought them, I was planning on getting them directly from Nine West’s website (currently for $89), but found that the black pair were only $59 online at DSW. Luckily, I just so happened to have some rewards certificates, allowing me to save even more money. My bargain shopping paid off and I was able to bag these for only $39 (pre-tax) with free shipping. After seeing this shoe in person and having the chance to wear it around the house, I definitely think they are worth their regular price. However, if you can get them cheaper, by all means—-do it! 🙂


And so concludes my DSW shoe haul for May/June. I don’t think you’ll be seeing me with anymore shoes for awhile, but you never know. A sale is a sale is a sale and I never snooze on a great deal. I would definitely love to find the perfect pair of nude heels and I’m in desperate need of new Nikes (one pair for working out and another for athleisure outfits). However, we shall see what the fashion gods bestow upon me in upcoming weeks. ’Til next time…stay golden!



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