Glossybox Unboxing: July 2017

I can’t believe that July is nearly over already! Before we know it, summer will be coming to a close. Say it isn’t so! No, no, no. We must think positively. The beach parties and fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them are not history yet! You know what we need? A distraction. Yes, that’s it. Distractions always work, right? Well, what’s a better way of distracting ourselves from the inevitability of summer’s end than a new Glossybox unboxing? Ten more Glossybox unboxings, that’s what. However, we actually have only one more Glossybox unboxing to enjoy after this one, so we’d better enjoy the time we have left. Ugh. Why does everything have to come to an end??


July’s Glossybox was a mixed bag for me. Nothing turned out the way I expected it to. There were products that I thought I’d really like, but didn’t. Then there were products I thought I wouldn’t care for, but I loved them. This month really drove home the lesson of not judging a beauty product by its packaging. Ah well. That’s how the beauty game is sometimes. You win some, you lose some! That being said, let’s jump right in and see what cards I was dealt with this month’s box. Was it a Full House of favorites or a bunch of junk that I wanted to Royal(ly) Flush down the toilet?


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Clean Up Your Act – $16

Let’s kick things off with the first tragedy I encountered in July’s box. When I first saw that they’d included a nail polish removing pen, I was so excited. Way, way back in the day, I had a remover pen from Avon that I totally loved. Of course, it didn’t last forever, but I never replaced it. More recently, I’ve been getting back into painting my own nails (sorry, nail salon), but I’ve been experiencing a few booboos here and there. I’m clearly out of practice because I seem to paint more of my hand than my actual nails.

Anyway, I thought this little pen here would solve all of my problems. I was really happy that it came with three replacement tips because my old remover pen had only come with one. However, when I went to test it out, the tips were bone dry. And I mean, bone dry. From what I can tell, the tips are pre-dipped opposed to the tube being full of remover. That means that the tips aren’t being fed a steady stream of remover; once it is dry, that’s it. I personally think this is a critical design flaw that they should consider changing. Also, the tube lids are clearly not airtight if the tips are already dried out before anyone can even use them.

Overall, I’m super disappointed with this product, which is so sad for me to say. I wanted to love this so badly! However, there is one thing that I did like about this pen. The design and construction of the tips themselves is absolutely perfect for nail polish removal. Each one is a slightly different shape, so you can always find the right one for the situation. Maybe you need a pointed tip one day, but a flattened tip the next. I also liked that the material was soft, but firm enough to rub the unwanted polish off of your skin.

I honestly don’t know what to do with this pen now. I really hate to waste things, so I’m guessing that I should just dip the tips into my own polish remover when I want to use it. I’m not sure if the pen I got in my box was just a wonky one-off while everyone else got a set of perfectly saturated pen tips, but I can’t give this my stamp of approval this time around. I personally wouldn’t pay $16 to test out a new tube, but I suppose if someone simply wanted the pen and didn’t mind adding their own polish that it might still be worth buying. Ugh. What a shame. Whatever. 😛



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Trifle Cosmetics

Lip Parfait (in Exotic Fruits) – $19

Why don’t we get all of my negative reviews out of the way at once? This lip parfait was yet another let-down for me. I was thrilled to see a lip product in this month’s box because I love lipsticks, lip glosses, lip masks—anything for the lips. The packaging was killer cute with all of these adorable tropical fruits covering its hard paper tube. The tube design alone made me want to try this out. When I opened it up, I instantly fell in love with the lip parfait’s actual color. It appeared to be a pretty, dusky rose/nude, which is a color I purchase and wear all of the time. Once I’d read that it was cruelty-free and full of cocoa butter, I really had high hopes that this would be my newest favorite lip product.

Good grief, was I ever wrong! The color of this lipstick made me look like a downright circus clown who had just eaten an entire box of powdered donuts. When I say that this lipstick shade was deceiving, I actually mean that it was an absolute, low-down, lying scallawag. Yes, I will admit that I have gotten a pretty good tan this summer, so I’m a little darker than I normally would be. However, this lipstick shade made me look like a Ganguro girl.


Photo Courtesy of OutsiderJapan


SMH. But you know what? If you like this look, I’m totally living for it…just as long as it’s not on me. Needless to say, I don’t think this color is going to flatter medium to deep skin tones, but I could see it being a very pretty shade of pink if you are fair. The shade is much cooler in comparison to what it appears to be in the tube, so definitely don’t rely on appearances alone.

Color disaster aside, I did like the way that the lipstick felt on my lips. You can definitely tell that the cocoa butter is in it because it glides smoothly across the lips and doesn’t leave them feeling dried out. The downside to the formula being so soft is that it moves around on the lips a lot. I would highly recommend a lip liner for this product because the possibility of color transfer is high. Considering that the color was completely off for me, it is really hard for me to judge the overall formula of this lipstick. Lighter lip colors tend to wear on the skin differently than darker ones anyway, so I’m not sure if the application was a bit uneven and splotchy due to the color or the formula itself. Though it is fairly pigmented, I don’t feel as though the coverage is all that good. I found the application to be rather uneven, with color building up more in some areas than in others. And due to the smoothness of the formula, it can be difficult to make the color consistent across the lip because of its tendency to move around. As much as I wanted to love this lip color, I can’t say that I’m a fan at all. So much for that!




La Roche-Posay

Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser – $15

Alright, enough of the downers. Now that all of those unpleasantries are out of the way, we can finish this unboxing with products that I actually do like. If you joined me for December’s TBT unboxing, you may be thinking, “Hey! Haven’t we seen this already?” That’s actually what I thought when I saw this product, but I quickly realized that it isn’t the same exact product as the one I talked about last month. December’s La Roche-Posay pick was the Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cream, whereas this month’s pick is the Foaming Cleanser.

Some people like cream cleansers, some people like gels—it’s essentially the same formula. Even though I kind of wish Glossybox hadn’t given out such a similar product to what they had in December, I really like La Roche-Posay’s cleansers. This cleanser (like others by La Roche-Posay) is fragrance-free, sulfate-free, oil-free and paraben-free. It is also non-comedogenic and allergy tested, making it great for anyone with sensitive and/or blemish-prone skin.

I had a chance to try this out yesterday morning and I found it to be very similar to my normal gel cleanser. However, it foams up really nicely, which mine does not do. When I applied the foam to my face I noticed that it is an extremely light formula. It isn’t heavy or hard to wash off at all. If I had to pick between the foaming gel and foaming cream, I think I actually like this month’s gel a little bit better. Creams can be a little heavy for me at times, so this was just perfect. My skin felt really clean and refreshed after cleansing. I didn’t feel the need to moisturize afterward either, so that’s always a plus. I’d really like to test out its makeup removing capabilities too, so stay tuned for future updates on how it does.




Dr. Paw Paw

Multipurpose Soothing Balm – $10

I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for multipurpose beauty products, so this balm quickly got my attention. The first thing I noticed (outside of the glaring yellow tube) was its name. “What the heck is ‘pawpaw’?” I thought, curiously. Well, if you’re wondering the same thing, let me fill you in. ‘Pawpaw’ is just another name for the papaya fruit, which is one of the main ingredients in this balm. Full of fermented papaya, olive oil and aloe, this nourishing balm is sure to soothe any dry, cracked or irritated skin that you may have. It’s great for anyone who has fragrance sensitivities or someone who dislikes scents because it is fragrance-free (darn). The tube is also conveniently sized, which makes it a great addition to your cosmetics bag. You never know when you might need treatment on the go!

Since they said you can use it pretty much anywhere you want, I took full advantage! I rubbed some on my eyebrows, cuticles, hands, knees and heels. After sampling this a few times and observing the results, I can say that I really do like it. I honestly hadn’t expected too much from it at first. I had wondered if it were simply an over-glorified cousin of Vaseline, but I was wrong. This stuff banished the appearance of dryness even on my poor heels, which I have been neglecting this week. I love the way it leaves my lips looking and feeling oh-so-soft; it’s perfect for prepping them for lipstick. I also used it on a mosquito bite (curse you, evil mosquito) and it helped the swelling go down within just a few hours. The formula isn’t greasy or sticky, but slick and smooth. It absorbs into my skin quickly too, leaving a nice, healthy looking sheen behind.

This is great for anyone who wants an effective little multi-tasking product that can tame rouge eyebrows just as well as it can stop dryness in its tracks.



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Doucce x Glossybox

Blush Duo Palette

Freematic Small Case – $10

Freematic Blush Mono (in Summer Sunset) – $14

This Doucce & Glossybox collab was an instant hit with me. I’ve actually tried Doucce before (remember the mascara in April’s unboxing?) and they are shaping up to be a brand that I really like. Apparently, Glossybox is letting subscribers pick a second complimentary blush shade to fill up the empty spot you see in the palette, so I’ll be happy to share which one I picked out when it arrives in August’s box. Hopefully, I like it as much as the one that was included in my palette because this is a very cute shade. The design of the palette is really nice, but I tend to like Doucce’s packaging anyway. It’s very sleek with clean lines, so it is right up my alley. Each blush comes with little magnets on the underside of their pans to help keep them in place inside of the palette as well.

I consider this blush color to be a very classic one—it’s a bright, cheerful pink. It’s highly pigmented, so the color picks up really well on the brush. It is also quite easy to buff and diffuse, if need be. The formula is silken and velvety, so it’s not chalky in the least. I sometimes have a hard time finding pink blushes that I like simply because some of them can be too light and ashen. I want a natural shade that looks like I’m truly blushing, so I tend to lean towards deeper shades of pink. However, this was actually really nice. That being said, I would definitely recommend this particular shade to anyone who has a complexion that is caramel in tone or lighter (if you are looking for a natural flush of pink).




Luseta Beauty

Coconut Milk Shampoo – $14

Coconut Milk Conditioner – $14

After finding my latest favorite shampoo, I was thinking, “Nope. This is it. This is all I need. Nothing else can compare!” And to be frank, that would have totally been the case—if I were able to actually find the stuff in my local stores. I don’t know if this is the great midwestern shampoo and conditioner famine of 2017, but I cannot find my favorite shampoo and conditioner anywhere. Sometimes I can find it online, but usually, it is sold out. I have a few different products in my beauty cabinet that I could have used to wash my hair once I ran out of my favorite stuff, but then these little bottles came along. I didn’t feel like running to the store to track down my regular shampoo, so I figured that I may as well try Luseta and tell you guys what I thought.

Let’s talk about the shampoo first. The shampoo contains coconut milk, coconut oil and soy protein, which all should work to hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. Did I find this to be the case? Absolutely. I really ended up liking this shampoo. First and foremost, it smells amazing. If you like coconut and/or tropical scents, this is going to be your best friend. My hair smelled amazing even hours after washing it. The consistency of the shampoo is very slimy, but it lathers up really well when you add enough water. It’s an extremely light formula as well, so it rinses out quickly without leaving any residue or heaviness behind. I was surprised by how soft and manageable my hair was during and after washing it. Something interesting that I discovered about these products is that they have a low pH level, which is actually quite protective for your hair.

As for the conditioner, I didn’t like its smell nearly as much as that of the shampoo. It still smelled of coconuts, but with an underlying scent that just didn’t suit me as much. However, the effectiveness of the conditioner was worth it. I truthfully didn’t have even close to enough conditioner for my hair due to the sample bottle being so small and my hair being so thick, but I did the best I could to distribute it throughout my hair by adding some water. Something I noticed while I did so was that the conditioner didn’t froth up at all. The consistency is very thin, so when you add water to it, it actually gets thinner. There wasn’t a ton of slip to my hair while the conditioner was on it, but my hair wasn’t miserably tangled when I went to comb the conditioner through…Hallelujah! Similar to the shampoo, the conditioner rinsed out really easily without leaving anything behind on my hair or body, which I loved.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of using these two products. I would actually purchase both of them on my own for regular use—I’m that impressed by them. I like how clean, moisturized and light my hair felt after using this duo. Although they were scented, they didn’t smell artificial. They also didn’t weigh my hair down or seem to contain tons of chemicals. They left my hair feeling ridiculously soft even after blow dying, which I usually never do anymore. However, my hair felt moisturized enough to withstand prolonged heat styling and it came out beautifully. I would definitely recommend these two products to anyone who has fine hair because they will help keep your tresses bouncy and shiny. This is also excellent if you are looking for something that will help your hair retain more moisture and fight frizz. I love it!


Want to get in on the action? Join Glossybox to explore tons of beauty products. You never know when you might come across a new favorite (or two)! ❤ ❤


Well, that’s it for July’s Glossybox! Although I found this month to be a little hit or miss, I still enjoyed going through everything and testing out what I could. I typically love the majority of my boxes, so I’m a little surprised that this month had so many misses for me. I am very curious to see what they have planned for August though. They have given subscribers a little sneak peak at one of August’s products already and I’m totally stoked to get my hands on it. It’s a product from a brand I love so much. I’ve never tried this particular item before, but I’ve purchased countless other items that are along the same lines. If I love this even half as much as I love their other products, I’m going to be a very happy camper!

As I mentioned up above, August is supposed to be the final box for my current subscription. I have decided to take a break from it for a little while so I can show you guys some other beauty products, but I’m sure that I will renew my subscription again at a later date. I’m thinking about doing a more in-depth review of the company itself (as well as a beauty box subscription comparison) once August’s unboxing is out of the way. So, if you have been on the fence about joining Glossybox, but want to know more about it first, stay tuned for that. But ’til next time…stay golden!



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