Limited Edition Gold PS4: Unboxing (A Narrative)

Seriously, where do I even start? How do I begin a conversation about the one item I have been waiting for since I was about ten years old? I guess the best way is to take you right back to the beginning. Outside of music, video games are the one personal interest I have consistently maintained throughout the vast majority of my life. From the NES to the OG Gameboy to Sega Genesis to the very first Playstation, I have had the pleasure of being old enough (yet not too old) to not only remember the experience of playing games from back in the day, but also fully appreciate just how dramatic the evolution of gaming actually has been. Gone are the days of having to blow the dust out of NES cartridges just to get them to work or having to pause a game in order to “save” it. After all, there really was no such thing as quick saving back then. You either had to reach a certain level to get a code or you were doomed to start. all. over. Rage quits in the 90’s were serious affairs.

Ah, those were the good ole’, highly frustrating days. As much as I would love to stroll down memory lane and continue taking cool, long sips of nostalgia, we’re here to talk about the PS4. However, it’s not just any PS4—not to me, anyway. I have not just one, or two or three Playstation generations now, but four. I think it is pretty safe to say that I am just a Playstation kinda girl. And for as long as I can remember, I have wanted a gold Playstation. Even though there were gold cases, controllers and skins for my beloved past consoles, they never had a genuine, straight from Sony, gold console. I mean, they had black for days. They knew how to do that color in their sleep…and you know what? I kept on buying them. However, the dream of a gold Playstation never, ever left my heart.


Serendipitous Delusions

Fast forward to early June. By this point, I hadn’t purchased a PS4 yet. I hadn’t even tinkered with someone else’s. It definitely wasn’t from lack of wanting—let’s just make that perfectly clear. I’ll be completely honest though: I was over here totally sipping that “I need to be a ‘responsible’ adult and reserve my financial resources for more ‘important’ things” kool-aid. I had mostly convinced myself that I was done collecting consoles and playing games. At one point, I actually came close to selling my entire collection of systems along with every bit of corresponding kit. However, something in me simply couldn’t throw in the towel. Everyone (including myself) would simply have to understand that yes, I’m thirty-ish, sometimes a bit irresponsible, usually unbothered by it and completely in love with my games and gaming systems…so there.

That being said, I started looking at the PS4 Pro. I’m a sucker for a beautiful picture, so the 4K aspect was really appealing. Graphics (as well as sound) are a major part of the playing experience, so I had all but settled on getting the Pro. However, I kept hemming and hawing for like, two weeks. I didn’t really want to buy a new television, but I knew that with my same old, same old, the Pro would be a complete waste. Then out of the blue, I finally saw it. I have no idea how I missed it on the website all those previous times, but once I saw it, I simply couldn’t unsee it: the gold Playstation. It was the day before its release date, so I pre-ordered and waited feverishly for it to arrive on my doorstep. I think it only took a week to be delivered, but it felt like an absolute eternity. I swear, I felt like I was an eight year old caught in a perpetual Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, people kept talking about them being completely sold out in stores. One guy actually went to ten different places looking for one. Gone. Two days in, the paranoid voice that lives inside my head was dead sure my console had been pilfered by a jilted gamer who hadn’t managed to order one in time. It was probably some postal worker with brown hair and a beard…named Josh. He had surely opened it with a boxcutter before defiling it and putting it on a dusty, gross shelf in his house. I was just absolutely sure that he was playing all of the games I was meant to be playing. Now all of the gold PS4’s were gone. What was I going to do? See, this was all my fault. This is exactly what people get when they procrastinate and don’t make their minds up about things fast enough. They see things they want, only to have them stolen away by imaginary brown haired, bearded, postal working dudes named Josh! Twenty years of waiting—gone! The injustice of it all!

And then it came.

(Ahem) Just…forget all that stuff I was saying before 🙂

Oh! But when I finally got that beautiful brown box from Best Buy…ugh. It was on like Donkey Kong (sorry! sorry! I had to say it). You know, I could totally be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that little naked winged babies came down from the sky playing their harps and singing when I opened it. It was just an incredible moment for me. Is it horribly weird to get emotional over an electronic device? I don’t think I care. I was super excited to get what I think was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given myself (and yes, I’m that kind of human being—just the worst).

Anyhow, I’ve been playing with it ever since it (safely) arrived and I. Love. It. I thought I’d do an unboxing for anyone who is interested in seeing it. Maybe you wanted one, but missed out. Perhaps you still want one. Yes, yes, I know these were released weeks ago and I’m super late posting this. However, don’t let the fact that I’m an easily distracted hack bother you. After all, you can still secure one of these beauties for yourself. There are some floating around out there. Tempting, isn’t it?




So first, I opened the main cardboard box to reveal the awesomeness that is the gold PS4…inside of its main box…




…which contained none other than a second box.




Okay, so I was standing there thinking, “Yes, this is finally it! My gold PS4! I am just one flap of cardboard away from…




…all of this crap. Great.” At least I can say that it was packaged really well and arrived damage free. It appeared as though Josh hadn’t meddled with it after all. Or had he? In case you were wondering, these lovely little pamphlets were the quick start guide (to help you set things up asap) and…something else. I don’t remember what this actually was because I never looked at it. Hopefully, it was nothing important, but too bad if it was because I threw it in the trash. It made a really excellent coaster for my glass of ice water though.




Okaaay…alriiight. We’re getting somewhere here, guys. By this point, I had found the wireless controller, which is the same gorgeous gold as the console…not that I would have known that for sure at the time considering I still couldn’t get to the thing. There’s also the power cable, the HDMI cable and the USB cable (just a lot of freakin’ cables).  And that adorable little blue and black trinket in the top left is a “headset”…allegedly.

While we’re on the subject, let’s chit chat about the controller. When I compare the PS4 to the PS3 controllers, it’s like night and day. They’ve added so many cool features to it. I really like the touch pad. The games I’ve played so far have required its use, but not a whole lot. What I’ve actually been enjoying about it is how easy it is to input text. You just swipe around like you would a phone screen, so it’s a lot easier than pecking out letters and numbers.

The built in speaker freaks me out sometimes–especially since I’ve been playing a survival horror game recently. I’ll just be sitting there and randomly hear this creepy breathing that seems to be coming from underneath my bed…or around the corner. Maybe it’s Josh coming for my PS4. Nah. It takes me awhile sometimes, but I eventually remember the speaker. I also really like being able to plug my headphones directly into the controller’s port. I’ve been using my Beats headphones (definitely not the things they put in the box) and it’s such a cool experience to hear the game up close and personal. I know, I know, headsets are commonplace in the gaming community. I have just never preferred playing with things on my head–until now.

Another controller feature that I have been downright abusing would be the Share button. I love taking screenshots of the ridiculous things that go on in my games (plus they are kinda critical to reviews), so I am constantly mashing the button down. Character glitched through a wall? Screenshot. Just had your head lopped off by an unidentified ghoul before watching it comedically roll into a ditch? Screenshot. You can use it to save and share screenshots/gameplay or start a broadcast session, so it’s super convenient if you’re into any of that fun stuff.

And let’s not forget that some games let you control your movements through the motions you make with the controller. Very nifty.




Now we’re talking! So, here it is. My long awaited, golden PS4! With a 1 TB hard drive, it’s a beautifully sleek piece of machinery, if I do say so myself. I still can’t get over how thin and trim it is compared to my PS3. The PS3 is truly a hippo of a thing, so the PS4 is featherlight in comparison.

Aside from its golden glory, there isn’t too much to see here. Unless you have this on a stand (as I do), this typically serves as the “top” of the console. It’s got the Playstation logo and…that’s about it. Minimalism. I’m feelin’ it.




On to the underside of the console. It has the logo in the middle again, along with the Playstation controller icons running along the sides. I don’t know why I thought this was so cute, but it kind of was. They realistically could have just put some rubber feet down there and called it a day. It’s the little things though. Details, people. Details.




So, here’s the back of the console. You know, where you hook up all those cables…providing you didn’t throw them away with all that packaging.

Power? Check.

Auxillary? Check.

HDMI? Check.

LAN? Check.


WHAT? You don’t have any tacos?? Why are you even here then? I was told that I was going to be compensated for this unboxing with tacos. Who told me that? Uh…well…

Hmm…who told me…? *whistles awkwardly*




ANYWAY… Now that I see I won’t be enjoying any tacos after this, let’s just hurry this along. This is the side of the console.




And the other side.




And the front. We’ve got the disk drive…you know, in case you want to shove your game discs in there or watch Blu-Ray movies.

We’ve got one USB port, so plug wisely. Use it to charge your controller…or don’t. I am definitely going to utilize external storage with this thing.

Then there’s the Power button, Eject button and… something else, but I’m not sure what it is. Yeeeah, I have no idea what that is.

And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m still mad at you for not bringing tacos. Maybe if you had brought tacos I would have poked around on Google and found out for you, but no tacos…no info. That’ll teach you.




So that’s basically it as far as what came in the box. I yanked everything out of the box, shoved everything off of my media cabinet and made way for all of my new toys. Like my dinos? Set up was super easy. I was online in about ten to fifteen minutes, which was actually shocking since my PS3 has still never been connected to the Internet. I have no idea what is wrong with the thing, but it refuses to connect wirelessly. I know, right? Rude. Kinda like non-taco bringers. Pfft. Lame.

I ended up getting Playstation Plus as well, which I think is kind of a must have (now that I can actually benefit from it). Being able to download entire games “for free” has been a lot of fun so far, so I’ve been utilizing that quite a bit. I did pick up a couple physical games as well, which I will be talking about on here in the not so distant future. I also got a few convenient accessories to go along with my console, which I might talk about later as well…if you bring tacos. Okay, even if you don’t, but it would be nice if you did.

Actually, eww. That’d be weird. Tacos from a stranger. An online stranger. Would it really be weird though? I mean, my friend and I did buy tamales out of some random woman’s car trunk once upon a time. I mean, she was full on selling tamales in the grocery store parking lot with her sleeping baby in the backseat. We then thought it would be genius to buy some…and eat them. All of them. Stupid? Very much so. Worth it? Heck yes.

Best. Tamales. Ever.


juneeDSC_0217 copy


Overall, I have been enjoying this purchase so much. It was worth every single cent of the sale price I got. Oh yes, it was most definitely on sale at the time that I ordered it. I don’t care if it’s a packet of ketchup…I’m snatching those deals each and every time. I truthfully use it all day, every single day. When I’m not on there attacking or shamelessly running away from something, I’m using Spotify to listen to my favorite tracks (along with many new ones) as I work. When I’m not listening to playlists, I’m watching some of  my favorite shows.

I will not even begin to start talking about all of the different features on this thing because…you didn’t bring me tacos. In all seriousness though, there’s just too much to list here. From being able to chat and text with friends to downloading and streaming games, this thing does everything short of the kitchen sink. Could you imagine if it could clean the kitchen sink? Well, as awesome as that would be, it actually doesn’t do that. However, what it does do, is fill my afternoons with countless (and I mean countless) hours of entertainment, shock, awe, fear, desperation and laughter. It also fulfills a gal’s childhood dream of owning her favorite gaming system in her favorite color. Thanks, Sony. ‘Til next time…stay gamers and stay golden



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