Raspberries + Cream Cheese = LIFE

Hey, guys! Happy Wednesday! We are almost through the week. Hopefully, everyone has been enjoying the month/week so far. I know I am. However, August has been extremely busy for me. I can hardly make time for all the things I wanted to show you, but I’m working on it, I promise! It’s been a pretty long day today and I’m really tired, but I still wanted to come on and say hello. What better way to do that than to share some food photography?

I am really having a lot of fun taking food photos lately. There is something so entertaining about capturing the various textures, colors and silhouettes. It makes me wish that I actually knew what I was doing with the camera! I took some really weird food photos earlier today, which I will share another day. They are hardly appetizing, but I sort of like them because they aren’t your average food photos. I think they are beautiful in their own peculiar way. I also caught some really cute and hilarious photos of something else earlier, but you’ll have to check back on Sunday for that!

Anyway, the food photos I want to share tonight are quite the opposite of the ones I took this morning. In fact, I think they look as heavenly as the pie tastes. Would you believe that I have been waiting two years for this? It finally came in today and it was worth every single day I waited for it.




Two years ago, I came across this Raspberry Cream Cheese pie. Despite loving raspberries like no one’s business, I have never been a huge pie fan. My personal baked weakness always has been and always will be brownies (drool). That being said, I have only ever had one type of pie that I loved (Kahlúa Cream Cheese). Everything else is just sort of so-so for me.

When I originally saw the Raspberry Cream Cheese pie in question, I didn’t think that I’d like it as much as I did. Let me tell you…I instantly fell in love. Once the first pie was gone, I simply had to have another. The only problem is that it is a seasonal pie that only pops up in late summer, so I had to wait twelve long months to have it again.




Fast forward to July of last year. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this pie, but I wasn’t exactly sure when it would be back. It was late in the month when I started to have an inkling that I should check with the restaurant to see when they’d have it.




However, I had a guest staying at my house at the time and got a bit preoccupied with keeping them entertained…forgetting all about the pie. By the time they went home and I remembered about it, the pie was gone! I’d missed it by a week. Talk about devastation (LOL). So, the wait started all. over. again.




BUT here it is. I finally had the chance to taste it again. As I enjoyed the first slice, I nearly laughed aloud. What a ridiculous idea…diligently waiting an entire year for a pie. It’s interesting that I can wait a year for this, but I can’t wait two seconds for anything else. I suppose I can exercise patience…

If I want to 😛



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