Sunday Snaps: Spot’s Four (Or Five?) Finger Discount

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and is ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. Today has been a pretty slow day for me, but I’m hardly complaining. I definitely like peace and quiet whenever I can get it! I was able to enjoy some much needed sunshine earlier this morning, but it seems as though the sun is playing hide and go seek now. Lunch was great (homemade fish tacos), but I sort of have a taste for an ice cream cone—a dipped Blue Moon, to be exact. If you’re into ice cream and enjoy trying new, unusual flavors, I highly recommend Blue Moon. It’s really hard to describe (slightly fruity?), but definitely worth the hunt if you can find it.

Speaking of food, that reminds me of my little friend here. Meet Spot. Spot loves food—anyone’s food. Spot is a curious black squirrel that has been living in my backyard for the last…oh, I dunno…three years? Although my yard is home to countless other creatures (Remember last Sunday?), Spot is my favorite squirrel of all. He’s entirely black with the exception of a large white spot on his back—hence the name, Spot. I love being able to sit at my desk and watch him sprint across the grass, the deck and just about any other surface he can reach. He’s a funny little character to observe, so I’m really glad he calls my yard his home.

I like to feed Spot a variety of nuts from time to time, which he always seems to appreciate. Though he loves walnuts with a passion, he doesn’t care for Brazil nuts much at all (even though he ends up taking those too). Every time I feed him, I place 10-20 nuts in a pile right in front of one of my windows to ensure I can watch the discovery. It never takes Spot long to find them either. He usually eats 3 or 4 in rapid succession. The way those shells go flying, you’d think he had never eaten before!

After awhile, I suppose he gets full because he stops eating long enough to dig individual holes for each nut that remains in the pile. Back and forth he goes, shoving a nut in his mouth before bounding off to dig a new hole for it. Before you know it, he’s got nuts hidden all over the place. I haven’t the faintest clue how he remembers where he’s stored them all, but he must have a good memory (or sense of smell). Every once in awhile, I will catch him gnawing on one of the walnuts. It’s so cute!

Well, earlier this week, I came across Spot again. Only this time, he wasn’t eating the food I’d put out for him. Apparently, his food wasn’t enough for him. Oh no, now he wanted the birdsfood too! Due to the wide variety of birds that live in my area, I like to keep a bird feeder full of food for them outside of the kitchen window.




So there I was, fooling with something in the kitchen, when I detected some movement outside of the window. There is a large bush out there where birds usually congregate before eating from the bird feeder, so I initially thought it was another flock of birds. However, the bush started shaking so violently that I couldn’t imagine just what kind of bird it could be!




As I got closer, I saw a quick flash of something black. All of a sudden, Spot leapt out of the bush onto the bird feeder! I kid you not, this squirrel dangled, scarfed and scrounged for nearly an hour, emptying the entire bird feeder. Before Spot arrived, the bird feeder was about half full. By the time he gave up on it, the entire thing was empty!




He wasn’t too proud to stick his actual face into the bird feeder slots either. It was like a bird seed buffet! It seems as though he needed a little squirrel-sized napkin though. Tsk tsk. All those crumbs…




Though I was initially quite shocked to see Spot in the bush, I wasn’t too worried about chasing him away. As I saw it, the bird feeder was equal opportunity. It was also a great chance for me to grab my camera and finally get a few shots of Spot. I got to experiment with my other lens too (I rarely get to use it), so it ended up being a fun little learning experience. I thought that he would see me staring at him from the window and run away, but he didn’t seem to mind my presence at all. He must have been too hungry to be bothered 😛




All in all, Spot was a superlative model. He often stopped to look directly into the camera, which I took full advantage of. Fifty-six shots and one video later, here we are.




Cami momentarily joined me at the window to watch Spot too (emphasis on ‘momentarily’). She gawked at him for awhile, as though she wondered what he was doing. Normally, she watches him as he plays in the grass or trees, so it must have been strange for her to see him up close and personal—or so I thought! She quickly bored of the event and went off to eat her own kibbles instead. At least I was able to get another decent photo of her before she did. She’s getting better at modeling for me, it seems 🙂



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