My Final Glossybox Unboxing: August 2017

I’m just going to get right to the point with this Glossybox unboxing—this month was really, really good! After receiving about twelve different boxes from them, I can safely say that August 2017’s box is my absolute favorite. I may be wrong, but to the best of my recollection, I believe this is my first time loving all of the items in my box. There is usually at least one thing that I’m not completely crazy about, but this month’s picks were right on the money for me.

That being said, I think August’s box included items that a good number of people would enjoy as much as I do. The theme for August was “Stay Cool”, so everything was geared toward helping us keep our composure as we get ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall (along with its cooler weather). Although we still have a few weeks left before summer officially bids us all adieu, this month’s well balanced assortment of goods is definitely going to keep us looking and feeling amazing until the very last day.




Lancôme Paris

Monsieur Big Mascara – $25

I am such a huge fan of Lancôme products—especially their mascaras. That being said, I was so excited to try out the newest addition to their mascara line. I was thinking that Monsieur Big would be right up my alley because I live for a volumizing mascara that is the blackest of blacks. They were saying that this mascara should deliver all of that and more with a 24-hour formula that won’t flake or smudge. This was sounding like a match made in heaven, so I wasted no time trying it out.

I used this mascara for about ten hours the other day. When I applied the first coat I didn’t really know what to think. I was comparing it to my tried and true Lancôme mascara, so I didn’t see it building up as quickly as the other one does. However, after the second layer I was completely hooked. If you like thick, bold lashes, you need this mascara in your life. It is extremely black and it builds up like a dream. I am a mascara layering addict, so I was really happy with the boldness. The bristles of the brush are very spindly and well spaced out, so it helps you coat each lash without the risk of clumping. Monsieur Big is great if you want your eyes to pop, but not look overly made up. The fullness is actually quite natural looking, which impressed me.

Although I didn’t test the mascara an entire 24-hours this time around (I will try again later), I do think an application would last you all day. I took a short nap in this mascara just to simulate their “morning after” claims. Although my lashes still looked beautiful upon waking, it did smudge onto my undereye area. There was a some flaking around my lower eyelid as well. This mascara would be an excellent option if you want some drama for a night out, but if you do sleep in it (which I don’t recommend), I would expect at least some smudging/flaking. Overall, I really love this mascara. I think I’ll stick to my normal Lancôme mascara for everyday use, but this one will be my new “going out” mascara for sure.




Tree Hut Skincare

Exfoliating Mud Mask – $15

OMG…I can’t even tell you how much I ended up loving this stuff. I’ve used it twice already, and I’m kind of obsessed. When I saw a mud mask was in this month’s box I rejoiced like no other. I LOVE mud masks more than any other skincare item I can think of (except maybe serums). Any day that I treat myself to a face mask is a good one indeed! I’ve been wanting to try a charcoal mask for the longest as well, so I was hoping that it would be a pleasant experience.

This particular mask contains kaolin and black sand. Kaolin is a type of clay that is often used in masks due to its many beneficial attributes. In addition to helping dry up excessive oil, it helps to combat acne and draw impurities out of the skin. As for black sand, some varieties are made of volcanic ash, which can help exfoliate the skin and improve a whole host of pesky skin conditions.

I initially decided to have an at-home spa day last weekend, so I used this mask as part of that routine. First of all, you don’t need to use very much. The box came with a full-sized 2.9 oz jar and even after using a liberal amount of the mask, there is still enough left in the jar for at least 4 more sessions. One thing I noticed immediately was the smell—it’s so nice! It is hard for me to describe though—it’s almost a sweet, powdery scent. The mask is just the right consistency for application as well. It is thick enough to adhere to the face without making a mess, but thin enough to spread along the skin. As you spread it around, you can benefit from the black sand’s gentle exfoliation.

After twenty minutes, I washed the mask off with warm water and a soft cloth. It was super easy to remove (unlike some other mud masks I’ve used), which was great. My face looked like it had just gotten back from a vacation, you guys. My skin was glistening! And don’t even get me started on how soft my skin felt afterwards. This mask is absolutely amazing. Even though I didn’t notice any tightening effects, it did leave my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and soothed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes masks or wants to try one for the first time. It does tingle when you first apply it, but it is actually quite gentle. I think this would be great for all skin types, but it would be particularly useful for anyone with oily to combination skin.





Doctor Babor

Hydro RX 3D Hydro Gel Eye Pads – $29

Gel eye pads are all the rage right now, so I’m sure you’ve seen a product very similar to this somewhere. Even though my undereye area is of very little concern for me at this point in my life, I recently went to purchase some by a different company. You know, “for science”. However, I changed my mind at the last minute because I knew I didn’t really need them. Next thing I knew, these popped up at my doorstep. Might this have been the universe’s way of telling me to go ahead and try some out?

These particular gel eye pads contain hyaluronic acid, which is an excellent ingredient to use in skin products. Not only does it help skin appear more plump and youthful, but it also increases the amount of moisture the skin retains. And of course, more moisture = less wrinkles and fine lines. The eye pads were adequately saturated when I opened them, but not sopping wet and messy. They are also quite large, so they will suit a variety of face shapes and sizes (they’d be great for men as well).

I tried these out immediately following my rendezvous with Tree Hut’s mud mask and I absolutely loved them. They are really cooling and relaxing. My eyes have been feeling really tired and agitated recently due to the weather, so these were just what the doctor ordered. I actually enjoyed them so much that I didn’t want to take them off, so I sort of left them on for way longer than you’re supposed to. When I finally removed them, my undereye area was brighter and noticeably more hydrated. Since they were large enough to sit right along my cheekbone, I had a really nice glow going on. These definitely helped me to look more awake and refreshed.

If you are looking for something to help plump up and bring life to your undereye area, look no further. Though these are definitely not the cheapest (or even the most expensive) eye pads you can find out there, I can say that these actually worked really, really well for me. I am definitely going to purchase these again because you never know when you will need a quick, effective pick me up before a special event.





Body Butter (in Blood Orange + White Pepper) – $29

This was my first time trying a Bliss product, but I’m such a fan now. I love lotions and moisturizers anyway, but I especially enjoy anything that has a beautiful scent. Throughout my day, I am constantly applying hand cream and other products that smell nice and work to keep my skin soft. It’s not even a matter of necessity, but pure enjoyment. There’s just something really nice about massaging a good cream into your skin—I love it! It’s been awhile since I’ve received anything like this from Glossybox, so I was really happy to see this body butter in the box.

In last month’s GBB featuring Soap & Glory, I talked about not always caring for citrus scents. Though I love the freshness of lemons and limes, I don’t always enjoy wearing them because I’m not particularly fond of food scents in general. Yet, when it comes to blood orange, I’m totally game. Blood orange is one of the scents that I simply adore. I don’t see it used in products all that often, but I think it’s a slightly exotic twist to the typical orange scents you see everyday. When I put this body butter on, I can’t help but to indulge in the fantasy of vacationing in Tuscany—it just smells so nice.

Besides the amazingly fresh fragrance, this body butter does a pretty good job of kicking dryness to the curb. I find this to be more on the order of a lotion, to be honest. Though it is definitely thicker than lotion, I think it is more of an everyday cream opposed to something I would use if I needed something super intensive. That being said, this is great if your skin isn’t extremely dry and/or you are looking for something lightweight, effective and non-greasy. This stuff absorbs really well into the skin, so you don’t have that weird “I just slathered something all over myself” feeling. When it dries down it leaves your skin feeling soft and looking vibrant.




Doucce x Glossybox

Freematic Blush Mono (in Vintage Mauve) – $14

If you remember last month’s unboxing, you may recall the blush compact I was previously sent. The color that came in the compact was a classic powder pink shade, but there was an extra space left for an additional blush. I ended up selecting ‘Vintage Mauve’ as my secondary blush to add to the compact, so that’s what we have here.

Overall, the formula is exactly the same as the prior blush. However, this is a color that I would normally gravitate towards. It’s a slightly deeper dusky pink, making it extremely versatile and quite suitable for a wide range of skin tones. Something that I love about these blushes is how soft and pigmented they are. My brushes have no trouble picking up and depositing color. The blushes aren’t chalky, so they blend beautifully. I am definitely going to be mixing the two shades together to achieve the perfect rosy cheek color for me.




Pixi By Petra

Brow Tamer – $10

No one wants messy, unruly brows! A well-groomed brow can do wonders for framing your face, so getting them to stay put can be critical. This clear brow gel is the ideal tool to help you do just that. Full of aloe vera (great for soothing skin) and pantheon (a conditioning form of vitamin B5), Pixi By Petra’s Brow Tamer is excellent for locking brows into shape.

I’ve been using this since I got it and I absolutely love it. When I do my makeup, I typically “do” my brows, so they are always ready to go. On non-makeup days, however, my brows tend to quickly get out of control. This is especially true since I’ve recently let them grow out—Yikes!

The little applicator brush is just the right size, which means it grabs on to each brow hair perfectly. I was originally worried that a brow gel would leave my brows feeling stiff, but that was hardly the case. The gel makes your brows and underlying skin super soft to the touch. It’s helpful that it is clear as well because you don’t always want to add color to your brows. This is a really easy and efficient way to quickly tame wild brows and stray hairs.






Overall, this box was a total home run for me. As someone who has tried a wide variety of beauty items over the years, I know when I see a product worth buying. This month’s picks all receive my stamp of approval—go out and try them all! Everything was of really good quality, so I honestly have nothing bad to say about any of the products. You never know what you are going to get when you try out new brands and products, so if you’ve been following my prior unboxings, you already know that I don’t always like everything I get. However, I’m really glad that my final box was full of things I’ve ended up falling in love with. I can certainly say that this particular beauty series ended on a positive note.

It’s really hard to believe that my 6-months of Glossybox is over already! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. I have had an absolute blast doing these unboxings for you guys, so I’m definitely going to miss it. However, I’ve been looking into some new adventures that we can check out in the future, so I’m super excited to share my experiences dealing with those companies once the time comes. But who knows? Glossybox may return next year along with some new favorites you’re sure to love. But until then…stay golden



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