What Nell Ate: 8.28.17

I had the biggest craving for a cookie yesterday. However, I didn’t want just any old kind of cookie. I wanted a cookie that wasn’t your everyday sugar or chocolate chip. It needed to be crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and hard to stop eating—exactly the way I like my cookies to be.

The only problem was: I’m not the best baker. If you ask me to cook you a five-course meal in the middle of the night without a cookbook or recipe, I’m game. Ask me to follow a recipe for boxed brownies and I’ll be okay. Just don’t ask me to create anything baked from scratch using nothing except for my imagination. It’s probably not going to go well, and the kitchen is going to end up looking like a battlefield. I mean, I’m not a terrible baker to where everything I stick in the oven turns into a lump of coal and ends up in the trash, but I’m well aware that my improv baking skills are…fairly unimpressive. Not to mention, I’m embarrassingly messy with flour…

And sugar…

And batter…

Like, five year old child status. Yeah. I know.

I’m not one to give up though. One of my goals for the next year is to do more baking. Perhaps my baking skills are shoddy because I never bake. Practice makes perfect, right?




Using a family chocolate chip cookie recipe as a basis for my own creation, I dug through the pantry looking for additional ingredients. I’ll be honest, it was slim pickings (Grocery shop much?), but I came up with a cookie batter that was full of things I really like. As I saw it, the cookies would taste great as long as I put delicious things in them. The batter came out a pretty golden brown and smelled really, really good. Was this the sign of impending success? I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but at least it smelled promising.




After scooping out the first batch, I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of batter left over. I decided to save it for another time, but not without hoping that they’d actually be worth saving. To my relief, they came out perfectly. They were buttery, super moist, super chewy and not a complete disaster. Despite my better judgment, I couldn’t eat just one (or even two), but I took that as a good sign. Even today, the leftover cookies were still fresh and soft. My human guinea pig loved them as much as I did.




Mission accomplished! I think this is going to be my signature cookie recipe from now on. Maybe I’m not such a bad baker after all?

I still got flour everywhere though.

And batter.




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