Poems (and such): Lessons in Lament


The demons came and got him

Into the dark night he did go

They bound him up and dragged him off

To where? I’ll never know.


For years, they rallied round him,

gnashing teeth and making threats

“Aha!” they said. “When will he crack?”

They started placing bets


That he should fall upon their sword

Yes!–Death by trickery!

He gasped and choked for hope,

but all he bled was misery


Life reeked of tear-soaked tragedy

as they burned him up alive

with a wick of woven heartache

and a match of cyanide


The poison of his loneliness

consumed him bit by bit

He thought he could control it,

yet the flames would never quit


How I tried to be the hero!

Fighting fires and saving lives

I tried to drag him out from

his glass house of filth and lies


But have you seen someone who tries

to save a drowning man?

Who jumps into the murky deep

to drag them back to land?


The victim grabs the hero’s neck

Then arms go round and round

Loving kindness led the hero there

Loving kindness gets them drowned


Never jump into the water

should you find a drowning man

Stay where you are and throw a rope

if you want to lend a hand


But I didn’t heed this warning

I just leapt in without thought

Then he almost took me with him

All good intentions were for naught


His demons came and got him

I was washed back to the shore

They spared his bride, but not his pride

Now I’ll see him nevermore



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