Sep 2017 NYFW: Mimi Prober

I just finished watching a few live shows from this season’s New York Fashion Week, and I’m already having the time of my life. One of the things I have always wanted to do is attend a few (or more) shows in New York, London and Paris. You know, sit in the front row, rub elbows with the fashion elite, take a slew of amazing photos and videos–that sort of thing. *sigh* Maybe one day!

Until then, I am totally grateful to have a speedy and reliable Internet connection to watch live streams of some of the shows. It’s not the front row, but if that’s as close as I can get, then I’ll take it! I am going to spend the last remaining days watching a few shows and sharing my opinion of them with you guys. I’ve already seen quite a few that I’m living for, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so let’s see what I kicked off tonight’s viewing with.

Caution: If you are sensitive to varying degrees of female nudity, please do not advance. As you may or may not know, runway shows are notorious for featuring clothing that reveals various parts of the human body. This post includes screenshots of the show, which may or may not display these aforementioned body parts. I’ve decided not to censor them, so please be advised.



The first full live show that I was able to watch was Mimi Prober’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Right when I saw the backdrop and heard the music (it was a very interesting psychedelic/reggae hybrid) I was excited to see what she had in store. She’s honestly not a designer that I was familiar with, but that’s exactly why I sat down to watch her show. I love discovering new designers to fall in love with.

Just judging by the general feel of the show’s opening, I was definitely expecting something down to earth, floral and neutral toned.



Sure enough, this collection delivered everything I was expecting and more. This particular ensemble is a great representation of what followed it.

Based on what I read about her, Mimi’s pieces typically give a nod to 18th century to early-20th century silhouettes and styling. She is into handmade, antique textiles, so I was not surprised to see a lot of design elements from that particular time period. What did surprise me is how well she translated those elements into clothing that is still perfectly contemporary.

I particularly loved how this moto jacket was paired with the dress. There is very little better than when sweet meets edgy. With pops of metal from the jacket’s zipper detailing and the intermittent sheen of the satin trim, this model was giving me hardcore modern Victorian vibes.



Keeping with the floral theme, this blouse was one of my favorite pieces. Like the rest of the collection, it is billowy, flirtatious and supremely feminine.





I especially enjoyed the amount of movement each piece had, which was due in part to their loose structure. Even though the collection was largely flowy, it wasn’t formless. It can sometimes be hard to find a garment that maintains form and fit when it is as airy as these were, but I think she nailed it.



Even in the instance of this jacket (the boldest item in the entire bunch), the collection stayed very true to its earthen color scheme. For the most part, everything in the collection was neutrally-toned, which I loved. Muted shades of cream, slate, white, beige, blue and green were common staples.





The range of materials and detailing was quite beautiful. From embroidered necklines, corsets and scalloped lace, there were very few pieces that I found to be boring. I was absolutely in love with all of the tiered layers and sheer cascades. Everything had its own  slice of modern character without compromising its bygone flair.



These were my favorite pieces of the entire show. If there is one thing I will never stop loving, it is an all black outfit (sorry, Anna Wintour). This is doubly true for anything that is made of black lace. Quite literally the collection’s black sheep, these garments were serving me ‘gothic chic’ on an antique silver platter–I’m obsessed.

What I loved most about these was that they were dark, but still really romantic and pretty. Even though they weren’t as neutral and glaringly floral as the prior pieces, this selection still had the sheer floral detailing throughout the lace to help soften the boldness of color.

If I could, I probably would have snatched up all of these for my own wardrobe. Can I just say that I am all about that fringed mock neck?


Overall, I enjoyed viewing the Mimi Prober show. There were 3 or 4 pieces that I wasn’t that crazy about, but this wasn’t a matter of them being unattractive as much as being a bit on the plain side. Anyone who knows me knows that I like things that really stand out, so some items didn’t appeal to me as much.

Even though most of the pieces didn’t suit my own tastes, I still liked the collection as a whole. I love neutral colors and think Victorian styling will never truly go out of fashion. It was a lot of fun to see Mimi’s take on these two elements. Furthermore, I now have a new designer to keep on my radar. I’d say this viewing sesh was a success!

I’m really looking forward to watching a few more live streams tomorrow (especially alice+ olivia, The Blonds and Badgley Mischka ), in addition to catching up with a couple of the shows I missed from prior days. That being said, stay tuned and stay golden






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