My Favorites Of New York Fashion Week- Ready-to-Wear [Spring 2018]

New York Fashion Week is over, but what an amazing week it was. I watched a lot of shows, viewed countless designer lookbooks and gained a wealth of inspiration from some of the most talented folks in the fashion industry. From street style to the runway, I had such a great time seeing what everyone put together. Now that the upcoming spring season has been showcased and I’ve sufficiently drooled over a good majority of them, I thought it would be fun to go through some of my top favorite Ready-to-Wear collections for Spring 2018.

Although I am still looking at everything, there are already some designers who have dominated my thoughts with their collections. When it comes to fashion, I have a wide range of tastes. From subdued elegance to the downright outlandish (think The Blonds), there is a place in my heart for a plethora of styles and designers. Of course, I have my tried and true designers who never seem to let me down, but this week definitely introduced me to some new favorites. I found myself really liking a few looks that I previously wouldn’t have imagined, but hey– change can be a beautiful thing.


[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]


Photo(s) Source: Sara Kerens via Vogue

These particular looks from Tome’s collection really showed me that I am not as color averse as I thought. As soon as I saw these artful stripes, I knew I was in the right place. I really love the relaxed fit of these two pieces. When it comes to my own wardrobe, I am a fan of anything loose that ties in the front. These looks are laid back and comfortable, but they still appear so put together and chic. Outside from a bold stripe here or there, ‘simple’ is the theme with these two favorites. Sometimes I just want to wear something striking, but understated as a canvas for my jewelry–these would be perfect picks for just such occasions.


[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]


Photo(s) Source: Luca Tombolini / via Vogue

Marchesa needs to just stop it. Even though I had originally intended to only include two or three photos of my favorite pieces from each designer, I seriously couldn’t pick just a few. This is easily one of my top three favorite collections from the week. The artistry of these pieces is unreal. The shape of many of them is so ethereal that they look more like sculptures than actual garments. From prim and proper suiting to dreamy arrangements of embroidered tulle, I would gladly snatch any (or all) of these looks for my own personal collection.

Helmut Lang

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]


Photo(s) Source: Yannis Vlamos / via Vogue

Out of the favorites mentioned here, Helmut Lang was actually the only show I was able to see in its entirety. Let me tell you–I loved every moment of it. I actually watched it twice! The models beat the runway in rapid succession, drumming up more drama than their outfits were already serving. If there is one aesthetic that I will always turn to, it is one that features an edgy black garment. That’s why this collection was after my own heart. Shayne Oliver has taken ahold of Helmut Lang’s signature simplicity, cranking out a provocative collection of bondage-influenced art forms. Pointed boots, clean lines, deconstructed tops and oversized brassieres were the main staples of this darkly glamorous collection.

Alice + Olivia

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]


Photo(s) Source: Alice + Olivia via Vogue

I think Alice + Olivia has perfected the art of playful flirtation with this upbeat collection. Somehow, someway, my favorite pieces reminded me of the Swiss Alps, Mardi Gras, and the boardroom all at the same time. This goes to show just how varied the looks of this season’s collection were. These bright, bold colors and girly embellishments are like a nonstop party. The mixed and matched patterns, form-flattering silhouettes and expertly coordinated colors are whimsically elegant. I simply love how different each look is from the others in the collection without looking disjointed and out of place.

Carolina Herrera

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Carolina Herrera-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Carolina Herrera-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Carolina Herrera-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3Carolina Herrera-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4

Carolina Herrera-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-5
Photo(s) Source: Monica Feudi / via Vogue

This is another collection that provided a beautiful array of interesting, but tantalizing color combinations. For me, the standout color had to be the warm ochre yellow that Carolina Herrera’s dresses and shoes frequently featured. I was also captivated by the voluminous form that many of the sleeves had. The artful pairing of various textures and patterns was present in each look, which really helped to reinvent the classic silhouettes used. When I view these particular pieces I feel like heading to the French Riviera and having a martini on my imaginary yacht. Any garment that can make you feel that fancy has got to be worth having.

Fenty x Puma

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Fenty x Puma-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Fenty x Puma-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Fenty x Puma-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3

Fenty x Puma-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4
Photo(s) Source: Luca Tombolini / via Vogue

Out of everything I’ve seen over the last week, the Fenty x Puma collection surprised me the most. I’m truly not a “sporty” person when it comes to fashion, so I wasn’t going to check this out at first. However, something kept urging me to at least investigate. There were a few looks that instantly grabbed me, but I couldn’t understand why. This is so far from what I would normally go for, but there’s just something about it that I love! When it comes to these specific looks, I am really into the color combinations and materials that they chose to put together. They just have this nonchalant “I look amazing, but whatever” kind of vibe. I’ve never seen sportswear look quite this seductive, but Fenty x Puma, you nailed it–I’m obsessed.

Anna Sui

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-5

Anna Sui-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-6
Photo(s) Source: Luca Tombolini / via Vogue

Funny story: I didn’t like this collection at all when I initially saw it. Anna Sui is actually the very first show I saw, but I missed most of it (including poor Gigi losing her shoe). I did catch the final walk, but I wasn’t really feeling the whole hippie vibe, so I was like okay, cool, whatever. I cannot tell you how often I ended up seeing this collection afterwards. It was all over social media–everyone was going gaga…except for me. However, I kept looking at it over and over as though I secretly liked it, but didn’t want to admit it to myself. This isn’t my usual aesthetic and I knew that, but I couldn’t help but want it to be. Now I can’t get enough of the zany patterns and contrasting colors. These particular pieces make me think of a super zen weekend in Malibu, which is never, ever a bad thing. I’m kind of living for Anna Sui right now.

Christian Siriano

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-5Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-6Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-11Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-8Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-9

Christian Siriano-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-10
Photo(s) Source: Yannis Vlamos / via Vogue

SMH. I can’t even. Christian Siriano and Tom Ford tied for my top favorite Ready-to-Wear collections of Spring 2018. They didn’t just capture first place, but they won by a landslide. When it comes to Christian Siriano, words cannot describe how much I love what is going on here. What should really be a simple, straightforward design ended up being so wildly beautiful. Even though the designs aren’t all that “out there”, each piece serves me something unexpected that would be sure to turn heads. I especially loved how the show featured models of different body shapes/sizes because we aren’t all 6 feet tall and svelte. From the fun and flouncy to the unapologetically fierce, there is a garment in this collection to suit just about any mood I could ever have. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for all of these to magically appear in my closet. Pretty please?

Tom Ford

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-5

Tom Ford-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-6
Photo(s) Source: Yannis Vlamos / via Vogue


Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers for good reason. In my eyes, everything this man touches is pure gold–he just gets my aesthetic. I would say that it feels as though he has hacked my brain, but he has so far upgraded my idea of the perfect ensemble that it should be criminal. I loved looking through this collection because it was everything I could ask for. It was sleek, sexy, daring and blissfully unconventional. In every instance he took something classic and turned it into a masterpiece. One thing that I couldn’t get enough of was his use of the broad square shoulders. If I could only wear one collection for the rest of my life, it’d be this one.

Oscar de la Renta

[Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018]

Oscar de la Renta-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-1Oscar de la Renta-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-2Oscar de la Renta-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-3Oscar de la Renta-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-4

Oscar de la Renta-SpringSummer2018-ReadyToWear-5
Photo(s) Source: Luca Tombolini / via Vogue

I didn’t expect Oscar de la Renta to go down the path they did with this collection, but I’m not terribly sorry about it. Though it is a huge departure from their usual aesthetic, I quite like the artsy and youthful flair that these particular pieces have. Though I find the collection to be more on the plain and casual side of things, I appreciate how clean the majority of the designs are. There is something pure and straightforward about these and I think that is precisely what made me gravitate towards them.



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