About 24K A.D.

black pearl

Be Timeless. Be Beautiful. Be Coveted. Be Golden.

24KAD was imagined by its creator, NeLLXO, as digital homage to her favorite earthly element: Gold. Desired by many, but owned by few, 24k gold is a commodity that has spanned the annals of time. Though stunningly vibrant and beautiful, 24k gold is usually thought to be too soft for practical, everyday use. Through mixture with stronger alloys, gold gains perceived strength, but loses its original purity and luster.

NellXO views people much like 24k gold. We are born fragile, but with a unique beauty all our own. When we are young we are unafraid to shine and sparkle–eagerly showing the world our individually gifted quirks and talents. But over time, we are often told that we aren’t useful enough, mainstream enough, or suitable enough to be valued as we naturally are. Through social conditioning and/or conscious efforts, many people adopt the behaviors and attitudes of others in an attempt to fit in better and be deemed “acceptable for everyday use” in the eyes of greater society. Much like 24k gold, we sacrifice our pure and true nature in order to become a duller version of the people we were originally intended to be.

Two parts lifestyle blog and one part personal soapbox, the aim of 24KAD is to entice readers to shed their adopted “alloys” in order to live a more authentic and fabulous life. This is a space where all are welcome precisely as they are, but are encouraged to always seek new ways of enhancing their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

Have fun. Stay awesome. Shine on.